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Tras las pistas de “Los custodios de la piedra” de Naranjo...

A review of The Custodians of the Stone the new novel by Ecuadorian writer Fernando Naranjo Espinoza

“Fata Morgana”: la ciencia ficción de Ortiz Lemos

A review of Ecuadorian writer Andrés Ortiz Lemos collection Fata Morgana

Literatura infantil de ciencia ficción ecuatoriana: “El cofre del arte”

A review of The Art Chest by Roberto Falquez, a YA adventure

Refrenar o reprogramar las emociones: sobre la novela “Yo artificial” de...

Examination of the Eduadorian author Leonardo Wild and his novel Unemotion, first published in German, then translated to Spanish

“Mi amigo Quyllur”: una fábula de ciencia ficción ecuatoriana

Voyager's golden disc prompts aliens to seek Earth in Mi amigo Quyllur, a film based on the eponymous novel by Renato Mendizábal Guillén

“Kurs, la búsqueda”: la eterna lucha entre bien el y mal

A review of Kurs, The Search by Kuraina Setrakianun, a novel that takes us back to before the big bang

“Ecos y cavernas”: la Tierra en el mundo virtual

Alejandro Veintimilla, Ecuadorian writer, has published Echoes and Caverns. 12 stories set in the context of cyberpunk science fiction. Its background is the technological world

“Elementos dispares”: conjuntando realidad, irrealidad y lo real

Francisco Proaño Arandi's Disparate Elements explores the nature of reality

Blogger Invitado. Cristian Londoño: Verne Imaginado

Imaginando a Verne takes a look at Jules Verne's influence on Ecuadoran science fiction.

Feliz Año con Novedades de Noviembre y Diciembre

A round up of publications, new issues and events.

Blogger Invitado: Diego Maenza. Importancia de la Ciencia Ficción

An analysis of how science fiction themes and tropes have become a part of popular culture, and, in particular, have merged with literary fiction, leads to a discussion of the writing of Cristián Londoño Proaño.

Novedades de Marzo en Hispanoamérica

News of speculative fiction book launches, magazine publications and writing contests and other events of interest to Spanish readers.

Novedades de Diciembre en Hispanoamérica

Awards announcements, including the concurso Solsticio, new book releases, including an anthology of SF based on the work of David Bowie, and more!

Novedades de Marzo, Abril y Mayo

New releases and happenings in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and more