¿Y si Venus tuviera vida? Una vieja historia de Bradbury y...

Venus. Following the recent report of life-chemicals found in its atmosphere, is it any wonder that we're all thinking swampy things again?

“Fahrenheit 451” en la mirada de Truffaut

Celebrating Bradbury's Centennial with a look back at the premiere of Truffaut's titular movie

Review: Refraction by Christopher Hinz

Beautifully paced, crisply written and containing flashes of originality, even brilliance

AMAZING STORIES Summer 2020 Issue Being Released

New issue out soon

“Volver a la piel” de Porcayo: volver a lo sensible

Mexican author Gerardo Horacio Porcayo's novel, Back to the Skin, evokes Well's Island of Doctor Moreau.

Pensando la literatura fantástica con Borges

Coverage of a 1967 lecture by Jorge Luis Borges on - "Fantastic Literature"

REVIEW: F&SF July-August 2020 (Part II)

Steve finishes a two-part review of the July-August issue of F&SF—the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. It’s an excellent issue of a top SF/F magazine!

For the Ray Bradbury Centennial Celebration, We’re Reposting I, Rocket by...

A thing of steel and alloy—a rocket ship. Yet it claimed respect and gave a great enduring loyalty.

REVIEW: F& SF July-August 2020 (Part I)

Steve starts a two-part review of the July-August issue of F&SF—the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. It’s a very good magazine!

Fiction: The Quantum Error by Michael Kurland

A new tale from somewhere near the corner of Bleeker and Macdougal streets, a fourth part of The Greenwich Village Trilogy...maybe

Teaser for The Quantum Error by Michael Kurland

We know you're anxious to read Mr. Kurland's latest, which is scheduled for 1 pm today. So here is a taste to hold you over

Novedades de Julio 2020 en Hispanoamérica

Argentina includes genre in a Federal writing contest; Counterfactual has a review of the second issue ofAeternum; The Argentine North American Cultural Institute offers a creative writing workshop; more

Memoria del futuro boliviano: sobre “En el cuerpo una voz” de...

An internationally published post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by Bolivian author Maximiliano Barrientos

I, Rocket by Ray Bradbury with an Introduction by JM Stine

A thing of steel and alloy—a rocket ship. Yet it claimed respect and gave a great enduring loyalty.

“Fata Morgana”: la ciencia ficción de Ortiz Lemos

A review of Ecuadorian writer Andrés Ortiz Lemos collection Fata Morgana

“Las peripecias inéditas de Teofilus Jones”: una antiutopía de Santaella

A discussion of "post-historical" science fiction, based on The Unpublished Adventures of Teofilus Jones by Fedosy Santaella,

Sobre dos novelas de Schweblin

An examination of the novels of Argentinian author Samanta Schweblin

La apuesta por el cambio de cuerpo: “El Cuerpo INC.” de...

A review of Uruguayan Rafael Courtoisie fables about body modification in his book El Cuerpo INC.

Book Review: Neon Leviathan by T.R. Napper

T.R. Napper has shovelled over the soil of quantum particles that was cyberpunk to create a new creature entirely

Literatura infantil de ciencia ficción ecuatoriana: “El cofre del arte”

A review of The Art Chest by Roberto Falquez, a YA adventure

Refrenar o reprogramar las emociones: sobre la novela “Yo artificial” de...

Examination of the Eduadorian author Leonardo Wild and his novel Unemotion, first published in German, then translated to Spanish


Steve reviews Robert J. Sawyer’s terrific new book, The Oppenheimer Alternative, and loved it. Yes, really... he loved it.

Novedades de Abril en Hispanoamérica.

The latest in new releases, magazine issues, conventions and more in Hispanoamerica


James Bond themes: love ‘em or not, they’re an indisputable part of a long-lived franchise. SF or not, who cares? Steve talks about his favourites.

Read Ray Bradbury’s Retro Hugo Award Finalist Entry Here

Read Ray Bradbury's breakthrough story, first published by Amazing Stories in 1945


Steve is unforgivably late with his review of the Jan/Feb 2020 F&SF. He hopes you’ll forgive him if he posts the next two issues’ reviews on time!

Blogger Invitado: Carlos Enrique Saldívar. Reseña del libro Chica Cafeína de...

Zero, Cecilia. Chica Cafeína. Lima: SM, 2017. 98 pp. Ilustraciones de Luis Morocho. Cecilia Zero ha desarrollado diversas labores en las áreas cultural y artística, es cantante, actriz, escritora....

Psychological Pitfalls in “The Great Divorce”

In C.S. Lewis's The Great Divorce, the protagonist's spiritual journey is also a crash course in human psychology.


Steve reviews the 70th Anniversary Issue of F&SF and finds it good. Excellent, in fact. There’s still time to read the issue before the Nov./Dec. one comes out!

Flash Fiction Fun with the Classics

Flash fiction draws on literary classics