Noticias Literatura 5-5

SF Colloquium at the Navarra Book Fair, Minotauro publishes “Homine ex machina” by Carlos Sisí and a Presentation in Pamplona of “Closed Skies”, the novel winner of the 2020 UPC Science Fiction Prize.

Noticias Literatura 28-4

Rodolfo Martínez is authoring a column on Spanish science fiction for the Cervantes Virtual Center, which is devoted to disseminating Spanish literature and culture.


If you’re a fan of Chinese action movies and Milla Jovovich, this movie sounds like a good bet… but it’s not. Only for the Jovovich completist. And maybe not then.

Novedades de Marzo en Hispanoamérica.

Peruvian critic Fernando Osorio needs some help; new releases from Ediciones Ayarmanot, Cathartes Ediciones, Letras en Rojo, Pages of Foam and others; new issues from Axxon, Machine Combinatorial, Primero Sueño and more; new videos, events and more

Noticias Literatura 10-3

The winners of the first Elia Barceló International Prize for Illustrated Fantasy and Science Fiction announced, Winner of the V contest “Histories Pulp” announced, “Pulp Stories Magazine # 5: The Exorcist” content announced.

Noticias Literatura 3-3

Visions 2021 opens for submissions, an anthology of unpublished fantastic stories published by the association “Pórtico” AEFCFT (Spanish Association of Fantasy Science-Fiction and Terror).