Stages of Growth

In “Stages of Growth,” the poet imagines the different stages
a sentient species goes through as it (hopefully) survives and
evolves into cosmic awareness.

Stages of Growth


Filling the pit of endless want

Tech toys and gadgets
Breathing in existence

You will be twitchy for a while
Your devices are crying for attention


Passion and wonder dance together

A global landscape of miracles
Dreams wander the streets

Cloudtrees bear lightning fruit
Surrealism is a lifestyle


The end of loneliness

Merging of mind and spirit
There is no otherness

Hello oblivion—
Why were you so scary?

by Miguel O. Mitchell

Miguel O. Mitchell, PhD (he/him) is a Black speculative poet, SFF author, visual artist, and retired chemistry professor. He has published poems in Dreams and NightmaresEye to the TelescopeScifaikuest, and Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, and Star*Line. He has also published short stories in Fantasy and Scarlet Leaf Review.

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