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Autonomous Review: Robots, Love, and Identity Under Capitalism

Annalee Newitz Autonomous is a fairly brutal book at points, but it's never hopeless. It explores the limits of idealism and good intentions

How can cognitive science inform the future of education?

Improving education with techniques based on how the brain actually works

Burning Bridges?

In this world of social media and hacking and etc., anything you say anywhere anytime EVER can come back to bite you.

Interview with Michael Mammay Author of SPACESIDE (PLANETSIDE BOOK 2)

an interview with Michael Mammay, author of Spaceside

Physicists invent a new way to search for dark matter using lasers

Scientists are using a previously theoretical device to hunt for a theoretical particle that may confirm the existence of theoretical dark matter

Author guest blog: On Becoming a Lioness by Kristina Pérez

A YA author discusses her journey to authorship

Outpost by W. Michael Gear Review

Space Westerns are making a come back

A Safe Place in the Galaxy: Post-Apocalyptic Refugees in The Vela and Terminal Uprising

Jim C. Hines...Janitors of the post apocalypse...what's not to love?

How Do I Decide What To Write Next?

As a freelancer, choosing what to write next can be an interesting decision

TIME MACHINE: Popular Posts

Our t5op posts this week include some regulars and some newly elevated posts: check out what you might have missed!


Palindrome week (no, NOT camels!); lots of scrolling, Deutscher Priz, Creative Arts Emmys, Talk like a Pirate - rrrrrrrrr - and more in this week's File 770 roundup

AMAZING NEWS: 9/22/19 – Pre Fall Equinox Edition

Several special announcements regarding the TV show; a much-loved feral cat passes; pastafarians speak out, more on Tiptree, Hannes Bok, Stanislaw Lem, Phil Dick and more!

Top 5 films about how to survive a terrible wreck by Jane Rawson

Can we learn anything about survival from survival films?

For Bi Week – A Bisexual Primer

This week is Bisexual+ Awareness Week. Be aware!

Lore Over Love: The Resurrectionist of Caligo by Wendy Trimboli and Alicia Zaloga

The Resurrectionist of Caligo plays with genre in an intriguing and clever way. There are horror elements mixed with fantasy, colonial critique, and class commentary, all blended into a book that is a pleasure to read.

Before Mars by Emma Newman Review

Visit a Mars colony set up for both scientific research and a reality show in Emma Newman's Before Mars

Truth vs Reality: How we evolved to survive, not to see what’s really there

Persistence of Vision; Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; our brain interprets our senses, it doesn't show us the 'real' world

Snowflake Flash Fiction for Winter

Experimenting with flash

G. L. Carriger’s The 5th Gender is a Genre-Smashing Good Time

The 5th Gender - a cozy mystery science fiction and queer romantic comedy with a healthy dose of social commentary

New CRISPR tools can cut, splice whole chromosomes

CRISPR advances in capabilities and the time for Kahn Noonian Singh draws ever nigh

The Shifter With a Prize Inside

An unusual deep sea find

A Look at Loscon 46

A TV channel is helping to promote a science fiction convention - cool!

Sci-Fi Short Film “Pink Plastic Flamingos” presented by DUST

Robots...will replace us...

Hexarchate Scribe: An Introduction to Yoon Ha Lee’s Fiction

A collection of short stories from the author of NInefox Gambit

One of a proton’s biggest mysteries isn’t a mystery afterall

Incorrect measurements can really screw with quantum physics

Blogging Fun

Why do authors blog when they're already doing all of that writing?

¿Qué está pasando? Amazing Stories la Serie Saldrá al Aire … Quizá en ...

Tanya keeps our Latinx readers posted on up-to-date info on the Amazing Stories television show

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Stories 2: Space, an anthology by Robert J. Sawyer

Volume 2 of a themed collection series of stories by Robert J. Sawyer, author of the being made into a film series WWW

Profiles in Pulp: The First Science Fiction Magazine(s)

Is Amazing Stories the world's first science fiction magazine? Yes. Did it get there all on its lonesome? No.