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Something Peculiar Is Happening On Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

It's shrinking! Photos of monoliths at 11

Alternative theory of gravity makes a nearly testable prediction

In light of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, physicists are questioning the standard model of gravitation
Novedades de Junio en Hispanoamérica

Articles populaires de juillet

Posts about Hispano-American fiction; John W. Campbell, Women in SF, McDevitt and Canadian anthology reviews, the First Fandom Experience and more.

The Emerging Industry of 3D Printed Organs Will Become a Billion Dollar Industry in...

Gentlemen, we can 3D print him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first 3D printed man

Cosmic Dust Feeds Star Formation in This Week’s Hubble Image | Digital Trends

71 Million light years away, stars are forming from cosmic dust

NASA Really, Really Needs a New Spacesuit for 2024 Moon Mission

NASA has a mandate to return to the Moon by 2024. They still need a lander and a spacesuit

AMAZING NEWS: 8/11/19 Special SF Has Conquered the World Edition

Water Ice confirmed on Mars; GRRM does SF a solid; Steve Stiles art 50+ years on, Armadillocon boots a bad actor, Batwoman won't just be a lesbian, she'll be a Jewish lesbian, and more


Dragon Award Finalists; no SFWA for Del Arroz - again; many cats sleeping on many works; Glasgow bid; NZ changes, Arisia loses 2nd arbitration, plus fun stuff - lots of it!

TIME MACHINE (Throwback edition to When SF Conquered the World)

Leigh Brackett, happenings in Hispanic CF, reviews, defending Starship Troopers, and more

Today, I Got Nothing But Angst and Quizzes

Today - I give in to a bit of societal angst - BUT - I also give you a quiz concerning our One Year Anniversary Special All Fiction, All Color issue!


This week after an absence, Steve talks about Mars as myth, especially as portrayed by Leigh Brackett. Which do YOU prefer? Myth or science fact?

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Pulp Literature Magazine #23

Fine writing throughout in this magazine devoted to pulp fiction of a higher literary calling.

A.I. Can Spot Galaxy Clusters Millions of Light-Years Away | Digital Trends

If they're not careful, astronomers could find themselves in the same boat as those Amazon employees being replaced by robots

See a Gargantuan Dust Storm Covering the North Pole of Mars

I keep tell you - space camels are the solution! Dust storm? We don't see no stinkin dust storm!

Team investigates lava tubes as potential moon shelter

Campbell's expedition to the Moon did just that!

Anime roundup 8/8/2019: The Family That Slays Together

In this week's viewing: The Ones Within examines family matters, Granbelm explains another motivation, and more!

Scientists Spot Distant Gas Giant Still Forming New Moons

Never thought we could be so excited by accretion discs

First Actual Photo of Quantum Entanglement Revealed

A picture of spooky action at a distance?

Noticias Literatura 7-8

Mónica Cuartero interviews of José Manuel González, author of Memories of the Old Earth and José Manuel González interviews Mónica Cuartero, author of Children of the River

Small Triceratops relative walked on two feet

IN this case, two legs came before four.

Hubble Captures Galaxy With Near-Perfect Symmetry

NGC 2985, 70 million light years away, shows near-perfect symmetry. Orf course, a lot can change in 70 million years.

What Does a Marsquake Look Like?

"Marsquakes" are different from Earthquakes, are different from Moonquakes

New Hubble Data Breaks Scientists’ Understanding of the Universe

Our models of the universe may not be as accurate as once believed.

Science Fiction Books to Look For This Month – August 2019

15 caosule reviews offer more than enough to check out for the month

Here’s how to prove that you are a simulation and nothing is real –...

A fascinating outcome of all this speculation is that we have no way of knowing what the true reality of existence really is.

The European Space Agency Is Preparing to Welcome a Comet from the End of...

You know what happened the last time they did this? Space Vampires! that's what!

New research suggests smartphones are causing bone spurs—in our skulls. – Big Think

Not as big a deal as the social disruption they're causing

Medical Laser Discovers Skin Cancer Cells in Early Stages

Dogs can detect cancer too. Me, I'd rather have a dog give me the news than a laser