Barsoom, Theia, Lost in Space, Jack Williamson, the Big Bang Theory and more this week in our roundup of most popular posts


In a near future humanity has been forced to flee the Earth, a planet now uninhabitable due to wars and climatic turmoils. On the space station Explorer 7, Karen is now ready to deploy on the planet to complete an important mission: to restore mankind’s hope.


Timothee is a story of a humanoid boy trying to navigate life in the northern part of Nigeria as he finds himself in a series of misfortunate events that come as a result of his past.

Advent Rising

a post apocalyptic future where artificial intelligence has taken over. Singularity has been achieved. However it has not been favorable to humanity. Hanna- an Augmented human, and her partner are on a mission to rally with a group of resistance fighters


Shatner goes digital; VanderMeer book tour; Ron Miller art; new RAH photo; Beagle wins lawsuit; Georgia goes Jim Crow and new releases from your favorite publishers