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First All Female Astronaut Spacewalk Takes Place This Week

First all-female spacewalk schedule moved up to later this week.

Continuum: Episode 1

Recursor starts a new series - a mystery aboard a starship

Breast cancer vaccine could be available in 8 years, says Mayo Clinic

Coming soon - but some folks can't afford to wait.
Starship MK1 - SpaceX

SPACE: NASA is Mad at Elon Musk

Could this be the beginning of a rift between government and private space enterprise?

Noticias Literatura 16-10

Pages from the Underworld, a collection of horror from the 70s, 80s and 90s; and this Friday (the 18th) there will be a round-table discussion at the Madrid beer garden
Amazing Stories Television Show Update & What We Want You To Do

Breaking News: Amazing Stories TV Show Will Not Debut Nov. 1st

Reboot will not air on November 1st.

New Releases in Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance for October 16

time travel, steampunk, paranormal cozy romances and more

Sci-Fi Short Film “Explosions” presented by DUST

A young woman tries to seek shelter as those around her float inexplicably into the night sky.

To Get From Here to There

Other than Aliens, is there anything more science-fictional than spaceships?

First Fandom Experience Announces Kickstarter & New Content

If you are a fan, the First Fandom Experience should be your First Fannish Experience

Is NASA ignoring proof of Martian life from the 1970s?

There's life on Mars and it's already been detected and proven

Research Was My Key to Writing the Fight Scenes

It's a knife fight in the world of science fiction romance!

SPACE: Three Black Holes Are About to Collide

Three black holes...click, click, click

2019 Sidewise Awards Announced

This year's Sidewise Awards for Alternate History Announced

Autumnal Book Guide: 16 Best Fall 2019 Reads

Den of Geek recommends a handful of new books for your fall reading pleasure

The Tiptree Award is now the Otherwise Award

The Tiptree is now the Otherwise: for detail, click on the links

7 Things to Avoid When Trying to Meet a Writing Deadline

THE list of things you MUST avoid if you want to finish a project on time

DUST Horizons Trailer | A Sci-Fi Audio Drama Series

Dust unveils audio stories

Les articles populaires de septembre

Our most popular posts, rendered in Francais

Clay McLeod Chapman’s top 5 horror film remakes

What makes a good remake? Opinions vary...

TIME MACHINE: 10-13-19

Dune, Science Fiction (what else?) Aliens, spooks, wizards and posters!


European Dick Festival; Sunburst awards, Crime Fiction awards, CanSMOF scholarships, GUFF nominations, and, oh yeah, a couple of Nobels....

AMAZING NEWS: 10-13-19

Unresponsive Police bots, space walking cosmonauts, Saturn ascendant, cheese is addictive and lots more

The World’s Second (and Third) Science Fiction Magazines

Amazing's bankruptcy immediately spawned two new science fiction magazines

What Makes You Think Your Idea’s Even Worth Stealing?

Is "idea theft" a real thing and, if so, is it worth doing the time when you're caught?

New Releases in Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance for OCT 9

Hurry - these have been on the stands for three days now - don 't miss 'em!

Sci-Fi Short Film “Box 616” | A DUST Exclusive | 2K

Was anyone whispering "Pandora" in their ear?

Science Fantasy in SPAAAACE: K Eason’s How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse

How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multivers takes a classic fantasy script—of a royal daughter being given gifts by Faeries and the consequences thereof–and upends it right from the get go

Pets in Space 4 Authors Talk About Cats, Dogs & Otherworldly Creatures

Pets in Space is always a good thing, and now, this post has been updated with some cool "space pet" illustrations!