TIME MACHINE (Dial Set for July 20, 1969)

There's gotta be a lotta love for wizards out there...plus amazing amount of foreign language posts making the top of the list! 1

Noticias Literatura 10-7

Report on the Celsius Festival's programming; Minatura's 2019 Fantastic Microcuent contest rules, AEFCFT's nomination for ESFS awards; and interview with José Antonio Suárez about Alter Ego and more!

AMAZING NEWS: 7/7/2019 – R.A.H.’s Birthday Edition

I read the news today, oh boy, about a lucky man who made a speech. Plus - wow - all kinds of stuff: Delany on Stonewall, scientists trying to open a portal to another realm, trademarks for authors, Datlow, Gerrold, Doug Smith, Convergence and doing accessibility right and so much more - you better get another cup of coffee and get comfy! This is going to be a RIDE!

AMAZING NEWS FROM FANDOM: 7/7/2019. ALSO RAH Birthday Edition

Wow. Ooodles of fan news this week too! Hugo Award category proposals (2! no less), Locus, Chesley, Sturgeon, Campbell, Eisner and Prometheus awards, Clarion West and more!


Mars and Barsoom were popular this week, as was our announcement about The Gernsback Machine podcast. Not to mention - have you seen how many foreign language posts are often amongst our most read? That's pretty cool!

The Gernsback Machine – Amazing Stories Podcast

Amazing Stories launches a Podcast and, it's an Amazing Podcast

Novedades de Junio en Hispanoamérica

New and current Latin American genre from magazines to film and just about everything in between

Noticias Literatura 3-7

The rules for the Minotauro and Domingo Santos Awards, a new release by José Antonio Suárez, a new novel by Ruy Vega, guidelines for Association of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Terror's new anthology Visions 2019, and more

Events Update

New event added to the calendar for 2020

AMAZING NEWS: 6/30/19 Pre Declaration Anniversary Edition

Lots of fanews this ish! Forrest J. Ackerman, Fan Histories, Jules Feiffer, Wiscon program books; also, robots, robots and more robots, Stranger Things, Walter Cronkite and more


Author Peter S. Beagle wins his lawsuit; Kelvin award winners, "it's an Oreos Moon (cookie)", Uncanny releases its latest, Ted Sturgeon and John Campbell Memorial Awards, more


Out of the eight thousand, eight hundred and forty two (8,842) articles we've published on our site since 2012, these are the posts that were read the most this past week.

Calendar of Events Update

Additional functionality has been added to the Events Calendar

Noticias Literatura 26-6

The winners of the Kelvin5050 awards are announced, Brandon Sanderson will give a talk and the latest issue of Ulthor magazine is released.

AMAZING NEWS – 6/23/19: We Protest How Immigrant Children Are...

Trump teases "forever president"; inside TX migrant center for kids; Robert J Sawyer, Jo Walton, Kimberly Unger, Jack Clemons, Gahan Wilson, Allen Steele, Irene Gallo, giant squids (NOT in space), Star Trek wins debate with Star Wars and oh, So. Much. More


Awards, Pixel Scrolls, Awards, Pixel Scrolls...Awards - Amazing Stories nominated for Best Magazine Neffy!, and Australian Fairy Tales, the Big Heart Award, Wendig & DeCandido, Clarion Workshop, more


Armstrong on the Moon, Christopher Lee, EmDrive experiments, Latin SF, modern myth, the Illustrated Dune...

Novedades de Mayo en Hispanoamérica

Author and genre news from Peru, Chile, Mexico and Argentina

Noticias Literatura 19-6

The 15th Minotauro Awards are announced!

Noticias Literatura 12-6

An interview with Mariano Villarreal, editor of "América Fantástica". América Fantastica offers a panoramic view of the most outstanding contemporary fantasy and science fiction in Latin America

Noticias Literatura 5-6

Announcing the finalists for the SF Horror Ripley awards and video from the TerBi conference

Introducing Shanghai Pudong Science Fiction Association

A new Chinese SF Club forms

Noticias Literatura 29-5

More coverage of American Fantastica and some new releases announced.

Noticias Literatura 22-5

Announcing the IXth TerBi Award Winners!

AMAZING NEWS 5/19/19 – Fanbot Edition

Ellison short, space pirates, burning Earth, Northwest Smith, Steve Stiles, publishing consequences of opening your mouth in public, and more!


Israeli Worldcon Bid Being Explored, AnLab and Asimov's Reader Choice, Premio this, that and the other, Nebulas, the TOP SF Awards, Balticon, and more


We do this every week. Our most read posts. You know what to do.

Summer 2019 Amazing Stories Cover Reveal

Summer 2019 cover!!! and MORE! revealed today!

Noticias Literatura 15-5

The "Spanish Hugo" - The Premio Ignotus - award finalists are announced. One of our contributors - Laura Ponce - is a finalist.
Is Science Fiction Dead? (Or, lessons learned from the Creative Ink Festival.)

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