AMAZING NEWS: 5/12/2024

The serialization of Dave Creek’s Chanda’s Legacy continues tomorrow!

AlsoLegendary filmmaker Roger Corman has died


Lisa Yaszek was recently awarded SFRA’s Lifetime Contribution to Science Fiction Research Award!  WELL DESERVED!

Laura Frankos Turtledove shares the cover from Harry’s latest City in Chains

Lynne Fahnestalk introduces another member of the Rivet of Robots sculptures

Erin Underwood reviews Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes in this video

David Gerrold shares this newly released image of the Doomsday Machine, giving us a MUCH better idea of the dangers we  all face!

Sean CW Korsgaard was at the VA Comicon offering his latest anthology – Worlds Long Lost


This year’s Met Gala’s theme was drawn from J.G. Ballard’s The Garden of Time, which was first published in a collection (Billenium – Berkley Medallion) and in the January, 1962 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.  Talk about SF’s penetration of mainstream culture!

The Philadelphia Inquirer covers a ‘zine convention, with nary a mention of where they got their start

Harlan Ellison’s front door


J. Wayne and Elsie M. Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction announce the third annual Sturgeon Symposium


China’s Change’e-6 lander is heading for the Lunar far side

“God’s Hand” nebula imaged (Put it together with Niven & Pournelle’s Mote, and you’ve got another piece!)


Near Earth Asteroid’s origins on the Moon identified

Olive Oil in your diet may reduce your risk of dementia

Can we re-freeze the arctic?  New Tech suggests we can

Bacteria produces fibers stronger than steel

Visit the NOAA website to track the solar storm

The collapse of the Earth’s magnetic field may have triggered the emergence of “weird” creatures


The “Librarianologist” shares a link list of good research resources


Liminal Spaces discusses the “trippy” in Norman Spinrad’s works

Dark Worlds Quarterly takes a look at Space Opera

James Davis Nicol on Five novels rediscovering ancient technologies

Just For Fun

Time Lapse video  of cos-player donning a complex costume


Today, a gallery of film posters from Roger Corman produced SF & Horror films:

Social Commentary

Hugo “Awards” Gernsback was a Jewish immigrant from Luxembourg.

Special Note: There are now, apparently, calls for assembling lists of Jewish authors (disingenuously identified with the “Zionist” label) in order to boycott them.  Hugo Gernsback was a Jew.  The Fan community is very identifiable as Jewish-adjacent in many of its practices and sensibilities (non-proselytizing, reverence for knowledge and learning), and, while prejudice has been expressed within its ranks over the years, SF is an institution that has strong Jewish involvement and roots.

Related:  Hamas casualty figures have been greatly distorted, as revealed by data analysis


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