Amazing News: Pre Tax & Trial Day Edition 4/14/24

A Dire Warning about AI in comic form.


David Brin has announced that two of his novels are being re-issued by Open Road – Earth and Glory Season

Gary Farber has posted a letter from “MZB” (Marion Zimmer Bradley) on a thread discussing Forry Ackerman’s questionable past.  If you’re not familiar with the background, you’ll gain some insight by reading the entire thread. (More here.)

Scott Edelman linked to a letter by Jerry Spiegel, from 1934, in which it is revealed that Superman originally arrived on Earth via time travel.

Moshe Feder shares a website that will let you search for films based on their trigger warnings.  (I remember a day when we talked about the good and bad of movies AFTER watching the film.)

Gary Farber on the lamented passing of comic artist Trina Robbins.

Ellen Kushner shares news of a possibly new slan shack – a gorgeous mansion recently purchased by Liz Gorinsky and Nina Lauren.

Moshe Feder channels Tom Gauld in this announcement of new sub-genres.



First Fandom has announced that there is a tie in two categories for the annual First Fandom Awards and have extended the deadline for ballots to be returned until April 22nd.  Click on the link to learn more about First Fandom. 

SMOF News reports that a furrycon has now been subjected to bomb threats two years in a row.  Subscribe to SMOF News here.

Glasgow in 2024 has published their latest progress report.  (Visit this year’s Worldcon.)


New Roman Frescoes uncovered at Pompeii (Roman nakedidity)

Ancient petroglyphs discovered apparently related to even more ancient dinosaur tracks (No Dino nakedidity.)


Helpful list of operational AI programs for text & images (including video)

“Publishing” promotions/offers/scams are rife right now.  Not sure about this offer, but making any book that  signs on a “BestSeller” seems a bit of a stretch.


The website TheGreatestBooks posted a list of the 100 greatest SF books of all time.  Interesting that that vast majority are “classic” works, (only Pullman’s His Dark Materials and Ishiguro’s  Never Let Me Go appear in the top 25.  HDM is fantasy.  NLMG is literary fiction.  Definitions of the genre, at least in this case, are slipping away from “the things we point to when we say ‘SF'”.

That can’t happen!  Five SF novels victimized by disproven science (James Davis Nicoll)

Film & TV

Joker: Folies au Deux trailer.  Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn.  (You all know your editor has a thing for Harley, right?)  Gaga is going to have to really have to work at matching/exceeding Robbie’s prior work.  But if she can – HQ fans will have TWO versions to  ummm, enjoy….

Steve Vertlieb reminds us that the Shat has celebrated his 93rd birthday!


Mongoose Publishing announces the release of Free Trader Beowulf: A System History of Traveller


Rod Serling’s Night Gallery Gallery – what happened to the paintings?

Copy of Action Comics (Superman) nets 6 million at auction.  (Was it slabbed?)

Social Commentary

A Fan’s Celebration of International Women’s Day – SF variety.  Nice list of female authors & creatives.

Someone has created a “search engine for conservatives”.  I’m sure we can all guess the search returns.

Just For Fun

Great animated video of the problems faced by over-stuffed animals in the wild

Another side to Mothra

If Star Wars had been filmed in the 50s.  In Panavision.

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