Amazing News: 5/5/2024: Hope the Fourth Was With You Yesterday, Day

The serialization of Dave Creek’s Chanda’s Legacy continues tomorrow!


Bill Cunningham wants you to know that the 48th issue of The Paperback Fanatic is now available!

Here’s a Booktrailer for David Brin’s Existence

Bob Eggleton shares his cover work for the upcoming Things From Another World

Jerry Kaufman announces that he and Suzle have published a new issue of Littlebrook (#113)

David Langford releases Ansible #442

More David Brin:  A new edition of Sundiver, the novel that started that whole “uplift” thing, is in the works.

Steven Barnes had lunch with Larry Niven yesterday and they apparently had a good time.  Still missing – the menu.

And even MORE David Brin – new solar sail mission to launch soon


Journey Planet will release a special Holocaust focused issue tomorrow, May 6th.  (I contributed an article.)

From the July, 1944 issue of Writer’s Digest, none other than the fabulous Leigh Brackett tells us what this ‘Science Fiction’ thing is all about. 


Boeing’s Starliner Crew Capsule is scheduled for launch Tomorrow, Monday 4/6, at 10:34 EDT.

There’s still time to catch some of the Eta Aquariid meteor shower

China’s latest probe heads to the Lunar Pole

Japan’s “Moon Sniper” probe keeps on sending back photos


An interesting image purportedly from a Mars rover posted to Facebook shows what might be a dried up, ropey plant near the opening of a burrow.  The NASA photo gallery referenced was checked and a similar photo was not found.  However, it did remind me a bit of the “Dream Best” from Weinbaum’s A Martian Odyssey, so here it is (the link to the NASA Mars image gallery follows):  Facebook image  Mars Gallery

A New Fusion Reaction record has been set

A new ion thruster engine is showing promise


ArcManor announced in their newsletter that the launch of their new store has been delayed…but it is the final delay – “We regret to inform you that there has been another delay for the new bookstore. Due to the complexities of the new stores, transferring our inventory has proven impossible. As a result, we will need to redo the entire inventory.

However, this is the final hurdle. We have set May 15 as the launch date for the new store.”

Fowler Shocken is probably livid at this point!  What will they do with “Chicken Little?” Florida Bans “Lab Grown Meats” (probably because they think lab grown meat is gay, or transgender, or pregnant and seeking an abortion.  Folks, the insanity issuing forth from Tallahassee has now achieved “legendary” status.  For the record, Amazing Stories Endorses Sanity.

Film & TV

Here’s a timeline to help keep SW Fans  on the straight and narrow

Black Mirror will soon be  offering a sequel to the much-loved USS Callister episode


Boozelele has some interesting retro “sci-fi” design bowling shirts for sale

Social Commentary

If you have only heard about Project 2025 but haven’t read it – here it is. (Anyone planning on voting in the 2024 Presidential election should read this before doing so – and we hope you are planning on voting.)

The Department of Health and Human Services has announced a rule for increased disability protections

Just For Fun

Adam Savage builds a real titanium Iron Man suit (and tests it!)

Mini-Editorial:  Politics sure can ruin your future.  I’m a hypocritical eater.  I greatly regret that “something has to be killed every day in order for me to live” (comedian Bill Burr), but I keep eating meat.  “Vegan” doesn’t do it for me and plant-based meats have stuff in them that tears me up, so that solution to my hypocrisy is out:  I’ve been looking forward to the availability of “Chicken Little” (lab grown meat) for decades now, ever since I learned of the possibility from reading Science Fiction.  Now, on the cusp of being able to eat meat that isn’t “murder”, Florida’s own Torquemada has passed legislation making its sale in Florida illegal.  Give me Serenity or the Millennium Falcon and I’ll happily go into business smuggling lab grown meat into the state.

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