Noticias Literatura 26-6

The winners of the Kelvin5050 awards are announced, Brandon Sanderson will give a talk and the latest issue of Ulthor magazine is released.

Noticias Literatura 19-6

The 15th Minotauro Awards are announced!

Noticias Literatura 5-6

Announcing the finalists for the SF Horror Ripley awards and video from the TerBi conference

Noticias Literatura 22-5

Announcing the IXth TerBi Award Winners!

Noticias Literatura 15-5

The "Spanish Hugo" - The Premio Ignotus - award finalists are announced. One of our contributors - Laura Ponce - is a finalist.


2019 Hugo voting begins

Noticias Literatura 8-5

Finalists for the IX TerBi contest (post apocalyptic fiction) announced; Delirio magazine index contains some very interesting entries

Shortlist of Chinese Nebula Award (Xing Yun Award) 2019

The 2019 Chinese Nebula Award short list is announced

Noticias Literatura 1-5

Editorial Cerebro hosts an event including radio programs, author readings, discussions and writiig ncontests

Noticias Literatura 17-4

Aeternum magazine puts out a call for end of the world stories

The Hugo Awards Best Related Work Category and the AO3 Nomination

A potentially controversial nomination highlights FanFic's reception by the SF community.

Noticias Literatura 3-4

A review of America Fantastica

Flights to Impossible Cities Nominated for 2019 Rhysling Awards!

Flights to Impossible Cities nominated for Rhysling Award

2019 Hugo Award Nominees Announced

The 2019 Hugo Award Nominees were announced by Dublin 2019, the 77th Worldcon early today.

Noticias Literatura 20-3

A contest for stories for an anthology commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing and Feminism as portrayed through science fiction and fantasy television series.

FANAC Fan History Project Provides Material for Dublin’s Fan Retro Hugo

The Fan History Project has prepared an exhaustive list of scanned issues of fanzines that are eligible for this year's Retro Hugo Awards. Time to get reading!

Noticias Literatura 20-2

Announcing the 3rd Ripley Prize for science fiction and horror short stories by women writers.

SFR Galaxy Awards for 2018 Announced

The Science Fiction Romance Galaxy Award Winners of 2018

Les prix en 2018

A round up of French SF/F Awards presented in 2018

Noticias Literatura 30-1

New works of SF in The Ferry; The Year of Fantastic Literature's first newsletter; rules for the IX TerBi Prize.

Noticias Literatura 23-1

In Memoriam TerBi Prize awarded to Domingo Santos and an Interview with Rubén Ramírez;

2019 Hugo Awards: Eligibility Issues – The Space Boot is...

We published works eligible for 2018 awards. Here's a round-up of those works and people who we hope you give some consideration to.

Noticias Literatura 9-1

And the winners of the Alberto Magno Prize for Science Fiction are -

Noticias Literatura 26-12

The latest issue of Windumanoth magazine released; volume VI of the anthology series "Tales for Algernon" released; Javier Castañeda de la Torre wins the Alberto Magno award

Novedades de noviembre

Various conferences in Peru, Colombia, Aregentina and Chile presented new works including Beyond Real: Anthology of the Peruvian fantastic tale of the XXI century and Fantasmas del Future Theory and history of science fiction (1821-1980) " by Elton Honors. "Monsters 1.1" by José Donayre Hoefken, The Last Zelofonte by Luisa Mercedes Levinson, El Gusano" by Luis Carlos Barragán and Coma" (Puerto de Escape) by Javier Vargas Vergara.

Noticias Literatura 12-12

Author Vicente Adam Cardona has died; Golem & Gabriel prizes and a new release VenganZa by Gemma Herrero Virto.

Noticias Literatura 5-12

Publisher Ediciones el Transbordador is reissuing "Memories of the Old Earth" by José Manuel González Rodríguez, video of the first Interac Award for SG scripts, and the schedule of events for Golemfest!

Noticias Literatura 21-11

Hispacon celebrates the 2018 Ignotus awards; tributes to masters and new releases.

Noticias Literatura 14-10

TerBi announces two awards and a discussion of Ferran Varela's La danza del Gohut

Noticias Literatura 31-10

A new news bulletin - "Literatura Fantastica", the new Ripley Prize for SF and an interview with Interview with Elia Barceló, popular author
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