Noticias Literatura 1-7

Announcing the finalists for the Premios Ignotus Award 2020

Noticias Literatura 24-6

Metahuman unveils its first issue; Pragma Prize for science fiction

Novedades de Mayo 2020 en Hispanoamérica

Multiple anthology new releases, new issues of several magazines, a Peruvian animated film is selected for Cannes, and more


2020 Nebula Awards announced

Vidas arruinadas: a propósito de “Cadáver exquisito” de Bazterrica

An Argentine dystopian novel, Exquisite Corpse, may be the occasion to reflect on what a pandemic could entai

Novedades de Abril en Hispanoamérica.

The latest in new releases, magazine issues, conventions and more in Hispanoamerica

Noticias Literatura 13-5

Announcing the Kelvin award and the second Interac SF Script writing contest

The 11th Xingyun (Nebula) Awards for Global Chinese Science Fiction Finalists

The 11th Xingyun (Nebula) Awards for Global Chinese Science Fiction have been announced, by the World Chinese Science Fiction Society

55th Annual Nebula Awards Conference Website is Now Live

Sign up for the Nebula Awards Conference!

Noticias Literatura 15-4

A call for pumpkins (suspense stories) for the 36th annual Pumpkins in the Storage Room and submission rules for the UPC narration prize

Novedades de Marzo en Hispanoamérica

Tanya unearths content available online for your confinement

Noticias Literatura 8-4

Apache editions releases, a new contest and online presentations - with translation - to help you while away the hours

The 2020 Hugo Award Finalists

2020 Hugo Award Finalists

The 1945 Retroactive Hugo Award Finalists

We're very happy to see a story published in Amazing Stories (in 1945) make the list!

Read Ray Bradbury’s Retro Hugo Award Finalist Entry Here

Read Ray Bradbury's breakthrough story, first published by Amazing Stories in 1945

SFWA Unveils an Innovative “Virtual” Nebula Conference

updates to the conference

Noticias Literatura 1-4

Alex Marín Canals wins the third City of Knowledge Award; Pulpture Editions calls for submissions

A Message from SFWA Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Stay calm and wait for updates.

A Message from SFWA Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Nebula Conference still on = hotel will not agree to cancellation without penalties

A Message from SFWA Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

SFWA on the up-coming Nebula conference

Rhysling Award Nominations for Amazing Stories Poets

Amazing Stories poets nominated

Noticias Literatura 28-2

“La Tercera Fundación” is the best Spanish language bibliography website

Novedades de Enero en Hispanoamérica

The HispanoAmerican roundup for January

Noticias Literatura 5-2

Guidelines for the UPC 2020 Awards are announced

Les prix de 2019

A run down of some of the winners of European awards

Noticias Literatura 15-1

A documentary on the Madrid SF conference and looking for "Barriopunk" stories

Noticias Literatura 25-12

Results of the Alberto Magnus contest and the Tales of Algernon anthology, 7th edition

Merriam-Webster’s 2019 Word Of The Year Is “They”

They is Word of the Year