Noticias Literatura 25-11

Video of the talk on Domingo Santos, with Paco Arellano and Alberto Avila; Annual Programming Contest of “Programamos” will be dedicated to “Asimov and science fiction”; contest details inside.

CoNZealand Announces 1945 Retro Hugo Award Winners

1945 Retro-Hugo Winners The winners of the Retro Hugo Awards 1945 are: Best Novel “Shadow Over Mars” (The Nemesis from Terra) by Leigh Brackett (Startling Stories, Fall 1944) Best Novella “Killdozer!” by Theodore Sturgeon (Astounding Science Fiction , November 1944) Best Novelette “City” by Clifford D. Simak (Astounding Science Fiction , May 1944) Best Short Story “I, […]

Noticias Literatura 15-7

UPV / EHU Faculty of Science and Technology calls for submissions to the XXXII edition of the Alberto Magno Literary Science Fiction Competition: Eduardo Gallego and Guillem Sánchez announce a new novel in their Unicorp series