Leviathan Falls (The Expanse Book 9) – One Last Windmill

After almost 3 years of waiting, the much anticipated final Expanse novel is finally here, and the anticipation was totally justified. James S. A. Corey and the crew of the Rocinante bring it all together in a finale that makes all that’s come before worthwhile and gives us closure on the saga.

Cowboy Bebop Poster (Netflix)

Cowboy Bebop (Live Action) – Will Netflix’s Space Bounty Hunters Catch Their Audience?

If you were a Cowboy Bebop fan before Netflix dropped its live-action series (11/19/2021) you may have been disappointed at the result because it’s hard to separate the series you know from the sometimes identical sometimes strangely different live-action series. Our reviewer talks about cognitive dissonance and how our favorite space bounty hunters coped with being brought to life.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Augur Magazine Issue 4.1

OBIR: Occasional Biased and Ignorant Reviews reflecting this reader’s opinion. AUGUR MAGAZINE – Vol. 4, Issue #1 Publisher: Kerry C. Byrne, Augur Magazine Literary Society, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Co-Editors in Chief: Lawrence Stewen, Terese Mason Pierre. Managing Editor: Victoria Liao, Poetry Editor: Leslie Joy Ahenda. Graphic Fiction Editor: Amy Wang. Editors: Vivian Li, Avi Silver. […]

Novedades de Septiembre 4

“Sueños de Herrumbe” (Devil’s Language Editorial) by José Horacio Porcayo presented; LPD Magazine offered a discussion of how to make a letter of myths and legends; The first issue of the digital magazine Cranio Feliz released.

Foundation on TV Roundup

I first read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series while riding the bus to bowling team practice when I was in high school.  I was a huge science fiction fan at the time, my friends knew it and they teased me about somehow having missed this seminal series.  I finally succumbed to their hounding. It wasn’t that […]