Back in May a new SF series called Night Sky premiered, with terrific actors Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons. But Amazon nixed a second season. Have you seen it? Can you explain why Amazon killed it? I can’t.


A new movie streams on Sunday Sept. 20; it’s about a Mars mission full of human-android conflict? There are no startling revelations or new thoughts, but it’s a fairly pleasant way to pass an evening.

REVIEW – SAMARITAN (minor spoilers)

Steve’s been really taken by two new things: the new Stallone movie Samaritan, and the new Amazon series The Man Who Fell to Earth, with Chiwetel Ejiofor. You may not agree, but you have to watch them before you’re entitled to my… er, your opinion.

REVIEW: JAMIE FOXX in “DAY SHIFT” (Minor spoilers)

Netflix has released a new vampire movie starriing multiple-award winner Jamie Foxx as a vamp hunter. While it breaks no new ground, it has a great bit part by Snoop Dogg as a “cowboy” vamp hunter. Fairly gory, not exactly family fare, but watchable. Also, check out TV series “Moonhaven” and upcoming movie “Slumberland.”

Review: The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Sept/Oct 2022

In the latest issue of F&SF magazine: Ghost ships; a never-ending question in desperate need of
answering; the virtue of sadness and loss; meeting ancestors from millennia in the past; fiendishly dark fairytales; and mind- warping reality generators are just some of the themes we’ll be considering.