Happy Thanksgiving (or whatever you wish to call the day) from...

Everyone here wishes everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving and encourages everyone to take a moment to remember what they are thankful for.

Mini-Editorial on “Science Fiction Histories”

A short rant to get your weekend going.

We Want Science Fiction!

Amazing Stories wants Science Fiction. But what 'is' Science Fiction?

The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of October 2019

B&N's buyer shares his picks for October

I Wonder….

Wonder Bread and Wonder Stories...any connection?

Profiles in Pulp: The First Science Fiction Magazine(s)

Is Amazing Stories the world's first science fiction magazine? Yes. Did it get there all on its lonesome? No.

More Praise for ‘Lady Astronaut’ Series

Steve takes time to share a bit of a reminisce, a comment on M. R. Kowal's award-winning series and favored childhoom memories: "Why, oh why can"t I be living in that alternate timeline?"

When Did the Marketing Department Become the Product Development Department?

Some words about commodification of our genre.

Can A Website Unite the Tribes? Don’t Know, But We’re...

Our new look, our new expanded content and how you can interact with it

Taking a Break

Taking a break - check out our store. We've got Amazing Stuff!

On Renaming Awards

Should ALL SF/F/H awards named for people have their names changed?

Was John W. Campbell a F***ing Fascist, or Merely a Fascist?

Well, now you know which side of this debate I come down on. Thoughts on Jeannette Ng's (well deserved) Best New Writer (not a Hugo) Award

Addenda to Today’s Editorial

What if, instead of not naming awards for people, we named an award annually, to additionally honor someone in the field?

Emergency Editorial

Joseph Campbell did not edit Amazing Stories. John W. Campbell edited Astounding Stories

It’s Hugo Time

A few thoughts on Worldcons, particularly on not being there, plus a T-shirt design for Hugo Award afficianados

Today, I Got Nothing But Angst and Quizzes

Today - I give in to a bit of societal angst - BUT - I also give you a quiz concerning our One Year Anniversary Special All Fiction, All Color issue!

Short and Sweet – our Fifth Issue

We've really gone above and beyond with this, our latest issue. Twice the contents and full color artwork throughout.

Good Omens: the Debate Rages

Is reading + imagination really better than couch-potatoing with the boobtube? This excerpt should suggest where we fall on the argument.

Some Things You May Not Know About Amazing Stories

Your humble publisher toots his (very large) horn in the interest of insuring that fans are aware of ALL that Amazing Stories has to offer.

Happy Moon Landing Day! + A NEW Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories's NEW look. How I got to watch the Moon Landing, a NASA-worthy mission, fifty years on. A review of our latest issue, listen to the Moon landing in real time and don't forget to check out our Gernsback Machine podcast and our comprehensive convention Events calendar!

Double Dose

SNEAK PEAK: 1st Anniversary ALL FICTION, ALL COLOR issue of Amazing Stories. Plus - a review of FROZEN HELL and commentary on a review of The Future is Female anthology.

What the Hell Are You Doing In the Bathroom All the...

Igor's father has some advice for our readers.

Con Report Balticon 53

Notes on atending Balticon 53

The Coming of the Fanbots

Will Fandom survive the coming of the Fanbots?

Substitute Editorial – Amazing Stories Summer 2019 Issue Preview

Revealing the contents of the very next issue of Amazing Stories!

Get Free Comics On May the Fourth Holiday

Just a short reminder that today, May the Fourth, a special holiday for fans of Star Wars, has been co-opted by comic books in...

Modern Myth and Meaning: The Rebel Starbird

[Joseph] Campbell thought that in order for modern society to rejuvenate itself from a detached spiritual condition, we were going to need some new symbols.

Support Amazing Stories Crowdfunder

Amazing Stories will be shipping our fourth issue in May (but probably not May the Fourth) and we’re looking towards our fall issue which...

It’s True. Young Readers Should Not Be Introduced To The...

Want a quick history lesson in the SF genre? Here's how to get one without having to wade through too much of that old, dated, socially jarring stuff without too much trouble.