This Post Would Not Have Appeared Today

If we had not been on the road and unable to work on the website. However, because we were on the road and were unable to work on the website, this post has appeared in order to maintain our commitment to publishing at least one post every day. You are welcome.


It’s the end of another year. Where do we want to be by this time next year? Have we learned anything? Have we become better people? Steve tries to make some serious points about being a fan.

Thoughts on Accessability, or the Lack Thereof – Part 1

I’m still not sure what term is the current, widely accepted one (I’d apprebciate comments on this), be it handicapped, disabled, differently  abled, physically challenged, people with disabilities …(guidelines from Brown University here) but what I do know is I have a greater appreciation for the obtacles faced by people with disabilities owing to my […]