In the tradition of trying to remake even movies that did “pretty well,” (i.e., made some money), Hollywood has redone Firestarter. Did they do it well? Heck, no. When remakes are retconned, the story usually suffers; this one’s no exception.

SF Film: Toto | From Dust TV

Rosa Forlano, a 90 year old Nonna, falls in love with a robot while teaching it how to make spaghetti. Unfortunately, her family recipe is erased by a software update.

JustSignUp with JustWatch

A little over a month ago, we received a query from a new website, asking if Amazing Stories would be interested in receiving content from them (for publication on the website). Now we have to admit up-front that we are almost always dismissive of such queries for a number of reasons, which I will use […]

Science Fiction TV: Galactic Galaxy Episode One | Recursor TV

In Galactic Galaxy episode one Space Werewolf Fen, Pam Redcup and her agoraphobic mechanic Tom must escape the evil Dar Kuzar who has become enraged with his button technicians. “THE JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND PARSECS BEGINS WITH WITH A SINGLE PARSEC”. An animated comedic take on Space Operas