Sci-Fi Short Film “The Beacon” | DUST Exclusive

Mark travels to the far reaches of the galaxy in search of his wife.


Bad marks for the season finale of Amazing Stories

Sci-Fi Short Film “Technology Lake: Meditations on Death andSex” | DUST

A dog and her owner navigate the perils of modern technology.

Recordando a Tarkovski desde “Zona” de Dyer

An essay on the Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovski, director of Solaris (1972) and Stalker (1979)

Anime roundup 4/2/2020: There’s Always a Catch

In this week's viewing: The winter season all wraps up, for a nice tidy transition to spring.

Sci-Fi Short Film “AI-POCALYPSE” presented by DUST

Will AI's really wear high heels?

Red Mission

In the year 2053, Richards, Hudson, and Bowman are the first astronauts to be sent on a mission to the Red Planet.

Spring 2020 SF Anime Preview

Even when most of the world stops, anime is rolling onward.

Sci-Fi Short Film “Reflections Full of Life” presented by DUST

In her quest for real love, she finds a door to a different reality.

AMAZING STORIES TV SHOW Season 1, Episode 4: Signs of...

Season 1 Episode 4 - Signs of Life - opens strong....

Anime roundup 3/26/2020: The Soul of a New Machine

In this week's viewing: ID: Invaded tries to put a genie back in the bottle, Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun transplants a legend, and more!

Sci-Fi Short Film “Starian” presented by DUST

Two young women explore an alien planet, with the intention of opening a mysterious canister

The Boogeys

A detective investigates alien child trafficking

AMAZING STORIES TV: Dynoman and the Volt Review

Amazing Stories reviews the latest episode of Amazing Stories

Tomorrow: Season 1, Episode 3 of Amazing Stories: Dynoman...

Tune in tomorrow for some, ummm, Amazing Stories on Amazing Stories!

Anime roundup 3/19/2020: The Other Side

In this week's viewing: ID: Invaded shows the villain's hidden side, Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun and Magia Record have fun with mirrors, and more!

New York 2150

an attempt at a noir future for New York.

Sci-Fi Short Film “Who Among Us” presented by DUST

Contestant Seven painfully unravels on a live game show where one android is hidden among humans.

REVIEW: The Heat, Amazing Stories 2020, Season 1, Episode 2.

Thoughts on the show so far, and a review of the latest episode.

REVIEW (Spoilers!): Riddick (2013)

Adding to his list of perfect/near-perfect genre movies, Steve looks at Riddick, starring Vin Diesel. Is it one of them? Steve thinks so.

Anime roundup 3/12/2020: The Ties That Bind

In this week's viewing: Welcome to Demon School leaves on a high note, Magia Record forms a family, and more!

Sci-Fi Short Film “That Phone Call” presented by DUST

The future perils of advertising


Aliens invade in this shoot 'em up


Amazing Stories premieres and we are not unhappy


Why is March 6th Amazing Stories Day?

Anime roundup 3/5/2020: The Invisible Man

In this week's viewing: ID: Invaded displays a vanishing act, Magia Record and Hanako-kun try reappearing ones, and more!


Why is March 6th Amazing Stories Day?

Red Velvet Revolution: Pilot

What's the real purpose of the Lifemaker Corporation?

Sci-Fi Short Film “A Shot of Irish” | A DUST Exclusive...

A stranded hitchhiker has a cryptic conversation with the bartender of a forgotten tavern and finds himself slipping through a crack in time

Sci-Fi Short Film “Travelooper” presented by DUST

Desperately shy Graham believes he is destined to always be alone