Novedades de Septiembre 4

“Sueños de Herrumbe” (Devil’s Language Editorial) by José Horacio Porcayo presented; LPD Magazine offered a discussion of how to make a letter of myths and legends; The first issue of the digital magazine Cranio Feliz released.

Foundation on TV Roundup

I first read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series while riding the bus to bowling team practice when I was in high school.  I was a huge science fiction fan at the time, my friends knew it and they teased me about somehow having missed this seminal series.  I finally succumbed to their hounding. It wasn’t that […]

Sci-Fi Series: “Atropa” | Dust

When Off-World Officer Cole Freeman finds the missing research vessel ATROPA, he discovers an inconsistency in the ship logs. He wakes the crew from hypersleep, and they soon find themselves caught up in a much bigger mystery. Series Description: A troubled Off-World cop, running from his past, finds himself slammed directly into it when he boards the mysterious spaceship ATROPA.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Short Film: "Flotando" | DUST

Dust: Flotando

A Russian astronaut wakes up after an accident to discover he’s stranded on a space station module, but when a strange visitor arrives he begins to wonder if he’s losing his mind.

Left Behind

A lone robot walks the desolate landscape in search of a new life. It finds one in a unexpected place.

Artículos populares de Julio

Literatura Un antiguo artículo de J. Jay Jones sobre Theodore Sturgeon está entre los favoritos de este mes. Ernest Lilley nos recomienda qué leer en julio en cuanto a la ciencia ficción. En su serie CLUBHOUSE, R. Graeme Cameron nos reseña el libro “Axis of Andes: WW2 in South America, an Alternate History” de D.G. […]