Novedades de Junio 3

New releases from Vestigio Editions, “Havana pulp mission” by Barbarella D’Acevedo offered for free, 30th issue of Letters and Demons magazine; LPD Magazine dedicated a program to Christopher Lee and more

Novedades de Junio 2

Fifth edition of YA novel Nina and the abandoned house” by Ricardo Virhuez announced; Latest issue of Uruguayan magazine “Sonámbulo”; Magazine Juventud Técnica announces the prizes for the 2022 Science Fiction contest; the National Library of Peru Peruvian Literature Program presentation on Science Fiction 1960 – 2020

Short SF: Spoiler | Dust

The job of coroner has changed since the worldwide infection. Tommy Rossman isn’t just a collector of the dead anymore. Now he comes to make sure you’re actually dead. Or to help you get there.

Novedades de Mayo 3 y de Junio 1

New releases include Los Premios Chema Mendiola 2014-2019, the comic Koy’Ut; a new issue of Entropía magazine released; Elena Beatriz Corujo Morales III wins the El Barco de Vapor Caribe 2022 Award; more

Novedades de Mayo 2

“Nuestra parte de noche” wins Grand Prix d’l Imaginaire 2022; “Exploring the possible worlds of science fiction” to be taught by Daniela Lomartti; history and adventures of Flash Gordon, and more

Noticias Literatura 18-5

Kelvin 505 Awards finalists, Celsius 2022 festival poster, New issues of “Windumanoth” and “Incredible Stories” magazines, and “Tentacle Pulp” Issue 28

Novedades de Abril 3 y de Mayo 1

New releases – Codigofagia. Mexican Cinema and Science Fiction; Fanzine 11.5. fictional language; University of New Granada is coordinating the course: Ideology and figurations of monstrosity in the Spanish and Latin American narrative of the 21st century; Professor Giancarlo Stagnaro presents “Peruvian science fiction (1960-2020): between panoramas and promises”.