Novedades de Marzo 1

New releases – “End – Anthology of Ibero-American Eschatological Stories” from the University of Valladolid; in periodicals the free to read Moulin Noir Omnibus; on Gemir Garcia channel International Horror Literature Festival of Virginia and Publisher Zeta Centuria Editores calls interested partiesto participate in the collection “Anthologies of anthology”,

Noticias Literatura 23-8

Two new speculative fiction books have been released in Spanish: La canción de Bêlit, an exploration of a lost period in the history of Robert E, Howard’s Conan the Barbarian; and Transcrepuscular, which considers a possible evolutionary symbiosis between humanity and nature, exposing our ethnocenrtic view of the world.

Excerpt: The People’s Police by Norman Spinrad

  Some folks are still bitching that the Eternal Mardi Gras is a Disney version, what with the traditional Krewes’ parading limited to the traditional lead-up to Fat Tues- day while the big budget corporate floats from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Pornywood parade all year, all long, all over New Orleans, which is sort of true, […]

Fragmento: La Guerra del Final de Los Tiempos de Rubén Serrano.

El nuevo libro de Rubén Serrano La Guerra del Final de los Tiempos, será pronto publicada por el Latin Heritage Foundation, primero en versión digital y luego en papel. Gracias al autor, les ofrecemos a los lectores de Amazing Stories en Español unos fragmentos de la novela. La Guerra del Final de los Tiempos es […]