Portal – An Original Scripted Drama Premiere

I belong to several online groups through Facebook and other various media, as I’m sure many of you do, too. I came across in one of these groups dedicated to those of us who feel we are a bit socially awkward and are into cons and all that goes along with them. The group is […]

Excerpt: The IX by Andrew P. Weston (part 2)

Andrew P. Weston has been a regular contributor to Amazing Stories for quite some time now. A former UK Marine, he has retired to the Greek Isles, where, in addition to writing for Amazing and enjoying the deep blue Mediterranean , he has turned his hand to a rarely practiced sub-genre of the military science […]

Post Populares de Octubre

EL MUNDO DE AMAZING STORIES Steve nos ofrece Seeds of Life de John Taine, un clásico de Amazing Stories. Y ya que estamos en la promoción de los libros de Amazing Stories, ¿porqué no darse una vuelta por el artículo Crass Self-Promotion y ver las otras cosas que les ofrecemos? (Lo siento, por ahora todo en […]

The Galapagos Incident: Chapter 32

THE FINALE: “AI is a spectrum. At what point does a machine intelligence become an AGI, a human-equivalent intelligence? The law is cut-and-dried. The science isn’t. The philosophy certainly isn’t.”

The Galapagos Incident: Chapter 31

The Superlifters were far below, zooming around the nightside of Venus. They were towing the Nagasaki on what would certainly be its final journey, regardless of whether it succeeded or failed.