Book View Cafe Readings: Putting the Fun in Funeral by Diana Pharaoh Francis

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Today’s reading is a selection from Putting the Fun In Funeral by Diana Pharaoh Francis

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Today’s reading is a selection selection from Putting the Fun in Funeral by Diana Pharaoh Francis, the first book of her Everyday Disasters series.

Diana Pharaoh Francis was raised on a cattle ranch in Northern California, where she taught herself to ride a horse at the age of six, as no one had the time to teach her—they were all busy learning how to irrigate, how to cajole an angry bull into another field, how to pull a calf… Afraid of heights, and absolutely sure she was going to die, she managed to scramble up on the back of a very patient and lazy strawberry roan destrier, and plod off into the sunset.

She spent much of her early life on horseback, or so far buried into a book that the rest of the world ceased to exist.

In college she acquired a BA and an MA in creative writing and a Ph.D. in literature and theory.  She taught at the University of Montana-Western, for fourteen years, gaining tenure and becoming a full professor. While there she  raised a son and a daughter.  She currently lives in Oregon, where growing things is a lot easier.

Diana has a fascination with the Victorians, weather, geology, horses, plants and mythology, she likes spicy food, chocolate and cheesecake, and has an odd and morbid sense of humor.  Pharaoh is in fact a real name, and oddly enough, is of British origin.

Some of her current favorite sf/f writers are Ilona Andrews, Carol Berg, C.E. Murphy, Patty Briggs, Lynn Flewelling, Rachel Caine, David Coe, and Anne Bishop.

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