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CLUBHOUSE: Review: Why I Hunt Flying Saucers, a collection of stories...

This collection's definition of “flying saucer” is “a sort of imaginative short-hand to represent things that are unexplained, uncomfortable, usually inappropriate and generally weird.”

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Nothing Without Us, a genre anthology about disability.

Every story is about a disabled or handicapped individual. Every story is written by a disabled or handicapped individual. This is a window on a world most people know little or nothing about, presented in the form of genre-related fiction

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Trouble Among The Stars Magazine #5

A niche magazine, heading for its final issue.

CLUBHOUSE: Fungi, an anthology of Lovecraftian terror.

When it comes to saprophytes, we are ALL Egon ("I collect spores, molds and fungus")

CLUBHOUSE: Review: “Wasps at the Speed of Sound” anthology by Derryl...

You’d be amazed how many people would enjoy seeing the world they’ve learned to hate get smashed.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Casserole Diplomacy, an On Spec Magazine 25th Anniversary Anthology

On Spec celebrates 25 years with this anthology offering

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Imps & Minions, a fantasy anthology.

Reviewing the Canadian contributions to this large anthology

CLUBHOUSE: Review: “North by 2000+” an anthology by Henry A. Hargreaves

A very Canadian anthology of hard SF dipped in cabin fever.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: The Defender of Rebel Falls, a novel by Erik...

A medieval fantasy seen through a science fiction lens

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Cycling to Asylum, a novel by Su J. Sokol

In a digital age, your past can and will come back to haunt you.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Pulp Literature Magazine #25, Winter 2020

Once you’ve read the story you may well conclude it is a tad tabloidy and nowhere near the essential sanity and dignity of an actor’s private life. Wrong!

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Unnerving Magazine issue #11

The combination of explicit sex and explicit violence practically knocked me off my chair. I was stunned.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: augur Magazine Issue #6 Vol.2 #3

With six issues under its belt augur is switching to paying full SFWA rates, apparently the only SpeciFic zine in Canada to do so.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Lackington’s Magazine issue #20, Fall 2019.

A bird theme for this anniversary issues presents some interesting complications for the reviewer.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: On Spec Magazine issue #112

Capsule reviews of the latest issue of On Spec magazine

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Neo-opsis Magazine #30

A review of Neo-Opsis magazine issue 30.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Anathema Magazine #8

Issue number 8 of Anathema - an online tri-annual speculative fiction magazine of work by “queer POC / Indigenous / Aboriginal creators”

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Pulp Literature Magazine issue 24, Autumn 2019

Lots and lots of good and varied stuff to peruse in this issue. You can’t go wrong if you pick it up.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: The War Beneath: The Rise of Oceania, a techno-thriller...

Twenty-nine underwater cities dot the world’s continental coastal shelves, along with hundreds of deep-sea mining and research facilities. Ten million people live beneath the sea

CLUBHOUSE: I get inducted into the Canadian SF Hall of Fame!...

Fan, editor and publisher R. Graeme Cameron shares his experience of being inducted into the CSFFA's Hall of Fame

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Backli’s Ford, an A’lle Chronicles Mystery by Marcelle Dubé

a science fiction mystery novel taking place in a small town in Lower Canada in 1911

CLUBHOUSE: Review: augur magazine #5 (literary fantasy mag)

This magazine is all fantasy: The issue was fun to read. Full of good writing and evocative imagery.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: On Spec Magazine issue #111

With a cover illustration like that, you know there's got to be something intriguing inside the pages of On Spec

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Stories 2: Space, an anthology by Robert J. Sawyer

Volume 2 of a themed collection series of stories by Robert J. Sawyer, author of the being made into a film series WWW

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Polar Borealis Magazine (of Canadian Speculative Fiction) Issue #11

Normally, we'd not let the guy review his own publication...but we're not normally and R Graeme is Graeme, so let it fly!

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Into The Black, Tales of Lovecraftian Terror by William...

Into the Black offers multiple fresh takes on Lovecraft’s own AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS

CLUBHOUSE: Review: What the Wind Brings – a slipstream novel by...

A review of a new novel by one of the authors appearing in our quarterly publication

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Kasma Magazine presents: 10 Years of SF!

Kasma magazine rounds up its monthly publications and offers ten YEARS of SF

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Pulp Literature Magazine #23

Fine writing throughout in this magazine devoted to pulp fiction of a higher literary calling.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Broken Sun Broken Moon, a surreal anthology by Brent...

OBIR: Occasional Biased and Ignorant Reviews reflecting this reader’s opinion. Broken Sun, Broken Moon – by Brent Hayward Published by ChiZine Publications, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada in...