From the THE MOST SFNAL THING WE’VE SEEN IN MONTHS Department: A Catholic Group Has Defrocked an AI Priest

Deadpool & Wolverine trailer brings it

With the passing of John Trimble, a new effort to save a Star Trek property appears


Michael Walsh Shares this video of a rocket launch that did not acquire a re-entry license

John O’Neil of Black Gate shares this tribute to recently passed Hammer’s Slammers author David Drake

Ellen Datlow informs us that Sarah Pinsker’s latest – Haunt Sweet Home – is now in proofs and will be released this September.

Tananarive Due wins the L.A. Times Book Award

Alex Shvartsman shares book updates and progress


The Science Fiction Outreach Program (good people, great charity) sadly announce the passing of founding member Leane Verhulst

The World Fantasy Convention (Oct. 2024, Niagara Falls) is now requesting  contributions to the convention book bag.  The same email includes the announcement that it is also planning a “virtual” book bag for electronic publications.

Fandom needs at least one of these flamethrowing robots

Preliminary plans for the 100th anniversary of Fandom in 2029 are being discussed.  : Also don’t forget the upcoming 100th anniversary celebration for Science Fiction & Amazing Stories – SF100!

Kemi Ashing-Giwa wins 2024 Compton Crook Award


The FAA  will now require those launching things into space – at least the ones intended to make a return – to now acquire a license for re-entry.  (This will greatly complicate V-Ger’s return.)

Boeing’s Starliner has arrived at NASA’s launch complex and is undergoing pre-launch preparations

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks (The “Devil Comet”) is now visible from Australia

V’Ger Voyager 1 is communicating again!

“Spiders on Mars”.  You all know they’re playing Ziggy Stardust, right?


New closeups of Jupiter’s moon, Io

Plants may soon be mining metals

A possible “Huge Breakthrough” is spaceship propulsion is announced


A  new startup announces plans to mine asteroids

NASA and Nokia planning to bring 4G to the Moon.  (Please, please, please leave the spam calls behind)

The Urban Fiction Experience is coming to the Hull Street Library in Richmond, VA this May

There are so many different ways in which AI might bring about the end.,  The Atlantic profiles one


No One Buys Books – this article has got a lot of people talking.  Not necessarily reading, but definitely talking.

A book launch presentation will take place at the Toronto Public Library on May 11th (2-4 pm) for the new anthology The Dance An Anthology of Speculative Fiction, at the Merrill Collection.  The anthology features many Amazing Stories alumni.

Film & TV

The 39th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs hosted a Star Trek vs Star Wars debate.  The moderator awarded a win to Team Star Wars (he probably thinks the first trilogy is wonderful), but the audience voted 58.6% to 41.4% in favor of Team Star Trek, which is, of course, the right answer. 

David Brin suggests “a list of very disturbing and prophetic movies you ought to rent and watch” that are informative ofthe depths of the danger we are [currently] in”.  It will probably throw you off a bit when you see Cabaret as one of the suggested films.

Apparently, this Soylent Green remake with Josh Brolin is fake


FAPA – the Fandom’s oldest APA (Amateur Press Association) announces that the original filming model of Star Trek’s starship Enterprise  NCC-1701, has been found and will be donated to Gene Roddenberry’s son.

Social Commentary

A Booktuber apologizes to Peter S. Beagle for taking a trip down a red pill rabbit hole

A school’s Athletic Director used AI to frame the school’s Principal.

The FDA is reporting that traces of the Bird Flu virus have been found in milk.  (The HVN1 virus has previously crossed several inter-species boundaries, including infecting a handful of humans.  The mortality rate is just about 50%.)

Just For Fun

(’cause Harlan is always entertaining) How Harlan Ellison influenced The Next Generation

Captain Kirk and the Gorn Captain go at it again

Fly a one person helium balloon

AND DON’T FORGET:  The serialization of Dave Creek’s Chanda’s Legacy continues tomorrow, Monday, April 29th!

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