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The Required Plots of Star Trek

Star Trek - in all of its iterations - always engages with these thirteen plots

El mito y significado moderno: El saludo Vulcano

Erin reprises her article about the connections between Yoga and the Vulcan hand gesture - in Spanish!

Modern Myth and Meaning: Yoga and the Vulcan Salute

In her debut post, Erin Wilcox explores the connections between Yoga and the Vulcan mudra.

Hawking y la ciencia ficción

Dr. Stephen Hawking and Science fiction: "I read a lot of science fiction when I was a teenager..."

Comic Con London – Photos Galore

A plethora of awesome photos from MCM Comic Con, London.

Thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery

Did you think that Star Trek: Discovery was irredeemable? After episode nine, do you still think that?

Interview with Swiss artist/author Christian Kallias

Author, artist, techie - is there anything Christian Kallias can't do?

The Orville: Thoughts On Meta Humor

Is The Orville funny, stupid or stupid funny?


This week Steve plugs the new Canadian anthology Tesseracts 20 (shameless self-promotion), and interviews famed musician and self-confessed SF buff David Crosby of The Byrds, Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young), and his own group with his son James Raymond.

An Interview with Nat Segaloff, Author of A Lit Fuse

Interview with Nat Segaloff, the author of A Lit Fuse, a biography about Harlan Ellison.


Brian Aldiss, WSFA Small Press Award, ST: TNG, floating rocks (unobtanium?) Starship Troopers sequel, Jay Kay Klein convention photos and the Pixel Scroll

MCM Manchester Comic Con 2017

Images tell you pretty much all you need to know about the awesomeness that was the Manchester ComicCon.

40 years on, did Star Wars change SF for the better...

Imagine George Lucas at the Pearly Gates: would he get into heaven because of his contribution to science fiction, or would he be cast down?

New Science Fiction Romance Report for April

Empaths, wormholes and authors abandoning, for the moment, series to try their hand at something new await you in this week's science fiction romance releases.


Everything you ever wanted to know about science fiction television, from 1959 to 2004, can now be found in two massive volumes.

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door

It's been exactly four years since the last time the world was supposed to end. Catch up with all the best end of the world theories here!

‘From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker’: the Star Wars novelization 40...

How does the novelization of Star Wars hold up 40 years after its release?

…No Wonder Garth of Izar Ended Up In the Federation Looney...

Catch up in the latest in the Star Trek war

COLUMN 21 Redux: NaNoWriMo IS HERE! AGAIN! (Wha?)

Steve takes us "Back to the Future"... er, "Back to the Past" again with another recycled column. This week, it's all about his writing and NaNoWriMo. If you don't know what that is, you should probably read this.

Astronaut Mae Jemison: Flew on Space Shuttle and The Starship Enterprise

Astronaut Mae Jemison has flown in space on both the NASA Space Shuttle and on the Starship Enterprise. And, along the way, she became the first female African American astronaut to travel into orbit.

Noticias Literatura 21-9

Announcements about a steampunk and science fiction conventions, as well as an interview with Juan Manuel Sánchez Villoldo, author of Las Guerras del Código.

Cosplay at Toronto Fan Expo

Ira Nayman makes the argument that cosplayers should be accepted as fans as much as anybody else...but, really, it's just an excuse to share photos of cosplayers he took at the 2016 Toronto Fan Expo. Shh...

Beam me up, Fernández

Cuban science fiction writers talk about what Star Trek meant to them.

Star Trek Is Fifty – and”OMG! I’m Old Enough To Have...

I was a Trekkie before I was a Fan

Imágenes de la interculturalidad en Star Trek

Star Trek was the first science fiction television show to deal seriously with multiculturalism and the "other."

A Must-watch Show

Carol Shetler remembers how important Star Trek was to her family when she was growing up, and especially the effect that the show's strong female characters had on her.

Where Science Fiction Became Science Fact

A British science fiction fan remembers what an American TV show meant to him.

Drawing on the Ideas

Darren Slade was drawn in by Star Trek's physical universe, but stayed for the ideas.

Adventures in Treklandia

You don't have to be a fanatic Star Trek follower to become a Klingon...