…No Wonder Garth of Izar Ended Up In the Federation Looney Bin

Motions for summary dismissal and summary judgment have been filed by the defendants and plaintiffs respectively (Axanar Productions/Alec Peters and CBS/Paramount, respectively).

IANAL, of course, but Peter’s case looks increasingly weak to me.  Added to the case itself, there also appears to be an on-going comment-spam war on the Axanar Kickstarter page, being fought between Axanar reps and Kickstarter donors who want their money back.

And if that don’t beat all, apparently, both sides are accusing individuals associated with the other side with stalking and on-line harassment.

Hint:  if someone really wants to make money off of Axanar, write a script for a documentary about the lawsuit!

Axanar Timeline on FB

Axanar page

Prelude’s director Gossett reveals that Peters was trying to sell indie Trek to Netflix

Discussion of the case

CBS/Paramount response to interrogatory (what does Axanar infringe…well, I’ll tell ya…)

Alleged Bad Behavior, from Both Sides

Kickstarter page (check out the comments, make sure to scroll deeply)

Real or imagined judgment

Fact checking (?) Axanar’s public statement

Amazing Stories believes that the final outcome of this case will have implications for many creators….

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  1. The order you posted asking if it is “real or imagined” is something that both sides submit with their motion (one side will have the motion in their favor, the other will have the motion in the other side’s favor).

    This is required practice, at least on the federal court level.

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