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Fantasy author Claudia De Bella passes, Laura Ponce free stories for download, LDP magazine #56, celebrating women, released, and more


UPDATE: 03/14/2018 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING CAMPAIGN EMAILS!!! It has come to our attention that some of our supporters may be feeling a bit “spammed” by the emails generated by our campaign. We are sending out BOTH Kickstarter Updates and emails to our lists of members, subscribers and contributors. Our internal email campaign is distributed via […]

Cameo Creeps: Tiny Paintings With Monster Details!

Fascinating collectible miniature monster paintings with amazing detail and bone-chilling appeal! Cameo Creeps are painstakingly detailed miniature monster portraits inspired by Elizabethan paintings of the past. What makes these unique and fascinating is their size. Each Cameo Creep reproduction is a unique miniature piece of art for you to collect. Created by Chris Seaman who […]