Steve continues his F&SF reviews with the current (Mar-Apr) issue. He finds it a nice blend of SF (even some “hard SF”) and fantasy (even “hard” fantasy!).

Recordando a Tarkovski desde “Zona” de Dyer

An essay on the Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovski, director of Solaris (1972) and Stalker (1979)

Medical Science Fiction – What I’m Reading and Watching

During the pandemic, reading or watching stories of similar, but fictional situations can be helpful if you’re of a sci-fi mindset.

Promoción. Mi libro gratis por 5 días. La ciudad de los...

Tanya Tynjala offers up a free read for shut-ins

Spring 2020 SF Anime Preview

Even when most of the world stops, anime is rolling onward.


Steve is unforgivably late with his review of the Jan/Feb 2020 F&SF. He hopes you’ll forgive him if he posts the next two issues’ reviews on time!

“Ecos y cavernas”: la Tierra en el mundo virtual

Alejandro Veintimilla, Ecuadorian writer, has published Echoes and Caverns. 12 stories set in the context of cyberpunk science fiction. Its background is the technological world

Authors You Might Want To Remember: Today – Edwin Abbott

Authors to add to your reads now that you have plenty of time to read

Interview: Author K. B. Wagers Discusses New Military SF Novel A...

Inspired by experience in the Coast Guard, this milSF novel is explored with an interview with the author

Noticias Literatura 18-3

A pair of new anthologies

“Elementos dispares”: conjuntando realidad, irrealidad y lo real

Francisco Proaño Arandi's Disparate Elements explores the nature of reality

Planet Of The Apes: Folio Society produce beautiful edition of Pierre...

Beautiful looking edition confirms that when you are living in a time loop, stuff keeps happening again and again and again...

FLASHPOINT Series Authors Mike Kraus and Tara Ellis on Post Apocalyptic...

Half of the earth's population has been wiped out. Impossible to predict or stop, the Gamma Ray Burst tore through the Earth like a bullet, its radiation wave killing hundreds of millions and the aftereffects ensuring the deaths of billions more.

The Sociology of Science Fiction

The most difficult speculation for a science fiction writer to undertake is to imagine correctly the *secondary* implications of a new factor.

REVIEW (Spoilers!): Riddick (2013)

Adding to his list of perfect/near-perfect genre movies, Steve looks at Riddick, starring Vin Diesel. Is it one of them? Steve thinks so.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Trouble Among The Stars Magazine #5

A niche magazine, heading for its final issue.

Novedades de Febrero en Hispanoamérica

February's roundup

Noticias Literatura 12-3

A list of currently active magazines, a new anthology and a call for mini fiction


A timeline of Amazing Stories - both the magazine and the television show - for your reference.

Science Fiction Books to Look for this March

Coming in March, an interesting selection of selected reads


Why is March 6th Amazing Stories Day?

Anime roundup 3/5/2020: The Invisible Man

In this week's viewing: ID: Invaded displays a vanishing act, Magia Record and Hanako-kun try reappearing ones, and more!


Why is March 6th Amazing Stories Day?

Noticias Literatura 4-3

Two new themed anthology projects are looking for contributions

BEHIND THE SUN ABOVE THE MOON Anthology Authors Share SFF Story...

Science Fiction and Fantasy just go together sometimes, and I feel like they're the perfect vessels for conversations involving gender.

Noticias Literatura 29-2

Crónica de la presentación en Málaga de "El codo de la Torcaz" de Damián Cordones Crónica de Paco Mancera Romero de la presentación en Málaga...

The MIT Press Acquires World English Rights to Six Titles from...

he MIT Press announces it has acquired world English rights to six titles by Stanislaw Lem

Anime roundup 2/28/2020: Radio, What’s New?

In this week's viewing: Magia Record says you shouldn't trust the radio, Hanako-kun and Welcome to Demon School extend that to the radio club, and more!

The Required Plots of Star Trek

Star Trek - in all of its iterations - always engages with these thirteen plots

CLUBHOUSE: Review: “Wasps at the Speed of Sound” anthology by Derryl...

You’d be amazed how many people would enjoy seeing the world they’ve learned to hate get smashed.