Noticias Literatura 3-7

The rules for the Minotauro and Domingo Santos Awards, a new release by José Antonio Suárez, a new novel by Ruy Vega, guidelines for Association of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Terror's new anthology Visions 2019, and more

Summer 2019 SF Anime Preview

The next anime season includes everything from a zillion more cut-and-paste light novel adaptations to a Seiun finalist.
SF to Look for in July 2019

Science Fiction Books to Look For This Month – July 2019

Old stuff, new stuff, SF cool stuff. Ernest happily adds to your Mount ToBeRead

Anime roundup 6/27/2019: Tied Up With a Bow

In this week's viewing: three finales with very different verdicts, and more!

Pórtico, Encuentro de Ciencia Ficción en Argentina.

An interview with Chinchiya Arrakena, one of the organizers of Portico, a meeting series created to disseminate local, regional and national science fiction production, strengthen the relationship between the scientific-technological field and the science fiction community.

Noticias Literatura 26-6

The winners of the Kelvin5050 awards are announced, Brandon Sanderson will give a talk and the latest issue of Ulthor magazine is released.

Amazing Histories, Spring 1928: The Second Quarter

"We believe that America will in time, become known as the hotbed of scientifiction..." Hugo Gernsback, 1928

Novedades de Mayo en Hispanoamérica

Author and genre news from Peru, Chile, Mexico and Argentina

Anime roundup 6/20/2019: The Sins of the Fathers

In this week's viewing: Attack on Titan and Dororo grapple with the fallout of bad parenting choices, and more!

Noticias Literatura 19-6

The 15th Minotauro Awards are announced!
Three Laws Lethal by David Walton

Review: Three Laws Lethal by David Walton 

Three Laws Lethal shines in its exploration of the future consequences of incorporatng AI into our societies.

The Tools of Your Forefathers

A dive into Horizon Zero Dawn and the theme of "forerunner technology" in gaming

Anime roundup 6/13/2019: Digging Deep

In this week's viewing: Attack on Titan finally gets to the basement, Dororo heads for uncharted waters, and more!

Noticias Literatura 12-6

An interview with Mariano Villarreal, editor of "América Fantástica". América Fantastica offers a panoramic view of the most outstanding contemporary fantasy and science fiction in Latin America

Anime roundup 6/6/2019: Raising the Death Flag

In this week's viewing: Dororo and Midnight Occult Civil Servants make it really clear who's going to die, Attack on Titan tries for some misdirection, and more!

Noticias Literatura 5-6

Announcing the finalists for the SF Horror Ripley awards and video from the TerBi conference

Science Fiction Books to Look For This Month – June 2019

Summer reading time is here. Take a gander at these recent releases.

Introducing Shanghai Pudong Science Fiction Association

A new Chinese SF Club forms

Noticias Literatura 29-5

More coverage of American Fantastica and some new releases announced.

MOSF Escape Velocity 2019 – Dominique Tipper GoH

A con report from Escape Velocity 2019

The trouble with streaming: It could fragment fandom

Could "streaming" fragment fandom?

Anime roundup 5/23/2019: The Long Game

In this week's viewing: Midnight Occult Civil Servants fails to break a cycle, Attack on Titan reminds us that it likes to make people wait, and more!

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for a Long Weekend

A shared universe SF Romance series!

Noticias Literatura 22-5

Announcing the IXth TerBi Award Winners!

Amazing Histories, May 1928: Inventions and Invertebrates

A cautionary editorial about predicting the future of technology; giant octopi in print, presaging giant creature films, and more

Film Review – See You Yesterday

Spike Lee's alternate timeline take on Back to the Future debuts on Netflix

Anime roundup 5/16/2019: The Ladies Vanish

In this week's viewing: Midnight Occult Civil Servants and Demon Slayer both tackle supernatural kidnapping sprees, RobiHachi finds a planet with a surprising gender balance, and more!

Living in the Ruins of Past Glory

World building in games and in fiction have many similarities, but often have different objectives.

Noticias Literatura 15-5

The "Spanish Hugo" - The Premio Ignotus - award finalists are announced. One of our contributors - Laura Ponce - is a finalist.
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The Twilight of the Gods

What does the future portend for a world inhabited by the franchise generation?
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