Sobre dos novelas de Schweblin

An examination of the novels of Argentinian author Samanta Schweblin

Science Fiction to Look for This July

Without a time machine, time progresses in one direction, at the same inevitable pace from which there is no escape. Which means, July is fast approaching. Fortunately, Earnest has your reads covered.

Noticias Literatura 1-7

Announcing the finalists for the Premios Ignotus Award 2020

Summer 2020 SF Anime Preview

It's not much of one, but anime is coming through with a new season on schedule.

Convención : Uroboros 2020

Announcing the International Convention of Fantasy Literature, Horror and Science Fiction - Uroboros

La apuesta por el cambio de cuerpo: “El Cuerpo INC.” de...

A review of Uruguayan Rafael Courtoisie fables about body modification in his book El Cuerpo INC.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Speculative North Magazine #1

A new Canadian SF magazine hits the stands!

Anime roundup 6/25/2020: Old Habits Die Hard

In this week's viewing: Two finales and one that should have been.

Noticias Literatura 24-6

Metahuman unveils its first issue; Pragma Prize for science fiction

Astounding Histories, March 1930: Brigands and Vandals

Capt. S.P. Meek & Ray Cummings lead of this third installment of a pulp icon.

Book Review: Neon Leviathan by T.R. Napper

T.R. Napper has shovelled over the soil of quantum particles that was cyberpunk to create a new creature entirely

Lágrimas en la lluvia: ¿Por qué escribir un blog de ciencia...

¿Para qué escribir acerca de ciencia ficción? Si quiero responder esta pregunta, primero debo hablar de las cosas que he visto y experimentado gracias a la ciencia ficción.

Literatura infantil de ciencia ficción ecuatoriana: “El cofre del arte”

A review of The Art Chest by Roberto Falquez, a YA adventure

Noticias Literatura 17-6

Hispacon 2020 postponed: new publications - Helice and the anthology Kalpa V

Anime roundup 6/18/2020: On Reflection

In this week's viewing: An outbreak of windowpane apparitions, and more!

New #Sci-Fi #Romance Release: INTERSTELLAR PLAGUE by Veronica Scott

Veronica announces her latest release

Amazing Stories Lanza un Nuevo Kickstarter

Yes, Amazing is running another Kickstarter

8 SF&F Books by Black Authors + Further Recommendations

A starting list for engaging with Black SF&F authors


Steve reviews the May-June issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and finds that it holds treasures for the readers of both science fiction and fantasy!

The Foundation Trilogy Reread: Foundation And Earth

What’s wrong with psychohistory?

Anime roundup 6/11/2020: It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

In this week's viewing: My Next Life as a Villainess has a sudden shift in tone, Tower of God can't get through an exam results announcement without drama, and more!

Interview: Author Auryn Hadley on BIOLUMINESCENT and World Building Choices

Recently I read one of the more unusual science fiction romances to come my way, Bioluminescent (The Mimics Book 1) by Auryn Hadley

Noticias Literatura 10-6

An interview with Pablo Loperena, author of "Ciudad Nómada, Rebaño Misería": Aeternum puts out a call for submissions to EXTRAHUMANS - MUTATIONS

Interview : Emilie Querbalec

An interview with Emilie Querbalec, author of the soon to be released Quitter les monts d’Automne

Novedades de Mayo 2020 en Hispanoamérica

Multiple anthology new releases, new issues of several magazines, a Peruvian animated film is selected for Cannes, and more


Steve repeats (with lots of new edits) a column from 2013 about one of his favourite movie series.

Refrenar o reprogramar las emociones: sobre la novela “Yo artificial” de...

Examination of the Eduadorian author Leonardo Wild and his novel Unemotion, first published in German, then translated to Spanish

Anime roundup 6/4/2020: Doublecross

In this week's viewing: Everyone in Tower of God races to stab each other in the back, My Next Life as a Villainess has a new set of antagonists, and more!

Noticias Literatura 3-6

Asimov Foundation introductory conference; Tentacle Number 8 released; Celsius 232 conference