Part One of Chanda’s Legacy is Coming This Monday!

Amazing Stories – home of the Free Monday Fiction! – has a special feature coming on Monday, April 22nd that you won’t want to miss –

The first installment of the serialized CHANDA’S LEGACY an all-new novel by Dave Creek!

Chanda Kasmira devotes years of her life and career to saving the inhabitants of Splendor from the planets pending destruction. Her latest effort fails. Life on Splendor faces more danger than ever before. Disheartened, Chanda places herself into a “Long Sleep”, intending to awaken decades later to a brighter future for Splendor and its people. She doesn’t. Instead, an even more difficult lies ahead after Chanda’s Awakening.


Ambassador Chanda Kasmira is finding more than enough danger and intrigue at her new post on the Station of the Lost.

That’s why, when the Earth comes under attack by merciless aliens, Chanda is forced to remain at her post.
Now it’s even more imperative that she defeat a rogue human starship commander whose desire for power could destroy the station and the many races that live within it.

Until she does, she might never find out what’s become of her childhood home and all of her family!

And now – Chanda’s Legacy.

From Amazon Reviews:

Engaging Space Opera
Dave’s book includes adventures and a big space battle. It features some intriguing aliens. But it also examines the difficulties each group encounters in trying to deal with the others and being stymied as each of the different cultures baffles the others. All this is mixed with the added pressure of a looming natural disaster that threatens to destroy a planet and potentially three of the alien cultures.

I’m giving this a solid 4 stars
I found myself immersed in the storyline. The characters kept me involved with the way that the novel played out. The Sobrenians were effective as the main antagonist although I feel I would have understood their cultural bias better by having read the prior novels first.

You will love his books!
Dave Creek’s planets and worlds become as familiar as old friends with every additional story. 

A Solid Space Drama
Dave has masterfully created the alien creatures who come in contact with Chandra. Not only are their appearances finely detailed, but also their philosophies, dogmas, and means of communication. Lots of action and dialogue carry the story along

Learn more about Chanda, Splendor, and the action and intrigue that are Chanda’s Legacy on Dave Creek’s website.

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