Science Fiction

Novedades de Junio 3

New releases from Vestigio Editions, “Havana pulp mission” by Barbarella D’Acevedo offered for free, 30th issue of Letters and Demons magazine; LPD Magazine dedicated a program to Christopher Lee and more


Hmmm – Face Mites…coronal mass ejections, self-aware computer programs, blimps and more. Geez, the world sure is a science fiction place!

Short SF Film: Oceanus | Dust

In the year 2029, a marine biologist and her aquatic engineer husband fight to survive after a global cataclysm strikes, separating them from their spectacular underwater habitat.

Novedades de Junio 2

Fifth edition of YA novel Nina and the abandoned house” by Ricardo Virhuez announced; Latest issue of Uruguayan magazine “Sonámbulo”; Magazine Juventud Técnica announces the prizes for the 2022 Science Fiction contest; the National Library of Peru Peruvian Literature Program presentation on Science Fiction 1960 – 2020

SF Short Film: Invasion | Dust

Adam, a man on probation and ruled by AI in the year 2029, an age of universal basic income and self driving cars. When Adam is driven to a mysterious town by the automated vehicle. It becomes clear that something is not right.