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Drawing on the Ideas

Darren Slade was drawn in by Star Trek's physical universe, but stayed for the ideas.

MCM Manchester UK (Comic Con)

Terence Jackson shares his impressions of the ComicCon held in Manchester, UK, as well as Donald Manning's photos of cosplayers who attended.

San Diego Comic Con and the Ungrateful Fanboys

We live in a golden age of science fiction and fantasy as highlighted by San Diego Comic Convention, but all some fanboys know how to do is whine about it.


Steve reminisces about a writer he used to know. Maybe you know some of the things he's done: meet Jerry Sohl!

London Comic Con May 2016

MCM Expo Comic Con goes to the Cosplayers!


Stamps and short stories--what's the connection? Steve dips into a cheap (in price only!) collection of stories from award-winning authors... then tells you how to get the newest Star Trek stamps from Canada!

Amazing News 4/17/16

Even if you have a stick, this is too much news to shake it at!

Dreams of Dystopia

Looking for a good dystopia? One may be starting now.


Apes in space...after that, what else do you need?

The Rousing Speech

Today...Today we choose to read this post, not because it is easy but because it is fun! We choose to read this post and the other things on Amazing because this challenge is one we choose to accept!

AMAZING NEWS: 1/24/1…”some call it heavenly in its brilliance”

aliens, aliens and more aliens; Boskone, space flowers, ice volcanoes, Groot, drones and Star Trek. Plus Suicide Squad and GotG. And - you guessed it - even more.

Behind the Scenes of “Starship Challenger” with Doctor Martin

On the set with Star Trek Anthology

Happy New Year!

Star Trek anthology weighs in on the Axanar lawsuit

Science Fiction and Fantasy Calendars

Mark it on your (NEW) calendar: 2016 has begun!

Star Trek vs. International Space Station: Transporters & Robots & Tribbles...

"Three to beam up". To compare Star Trek with ISS here, I need to stretch a bit.

We’re All Ed Wood Now

Ed Wood: No one would know who he was if were making films today.

Star Trek USS Enterprise vs. International Space Station: Computers

"Kirk to Enterprise ..." Star Trek vs. ISS computers. Who wins Round 2?

Did Star Trek Get It Right?: USS Enterprise vs. International Space...

"Earl Grey, hot." The ISS is alreay breaking in prototypes of the tech Star Trek's ships will employ in 2265 AD.

Did Star Trek Get It Right?: USS Enterprise vs. International Space...

"These are the voyages". Just how correct is Star Trek's "future" so far?

Citizens of the Solar System: Cool TECHNOLOGY on the International Space...

From Luke Skywalker's "remotes" to Star Trek's Mr. Data, science fiction is fast becoming fact on the International Space Station.

“Assignment: Earth” – Star Trek Anthology

Star Trek Anthology side-steps to introduce another new show - Assignment: Earth, based on the Trek episode of the same name. (The episode with the cat....)

Big Brain Aliens

Look at the aliens from This Island Earth. If they are so smart, why are the denizens of Metaluna all such big headed pricks?

Review: Boarding the Enterprise

Numerous authors related the impact that Star Trek had on the science fiction genre - and themselves - on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.

Star Trek’s JM Colt…Then and Now

Whatever became of that yeoman the Talosians described as having: " youth, strength, and unusually strong female drives. "? Watch Star Trek Challenger to find out!

Weddings in Science Fiction and Fantasy

SF weddings: here's hoping yours isn't like some of theirs!

First Scenes “In the Can,” as they say…

Starship Challenger goes in the can!

Buck Rogers: The Way the Future Used to Be

For more than a century the name Buck Rogers has been synonymous with science fiction.

Making ‘Trek’ from Scratch

As you may expect, putting together a Star Trek episode takes much more than simply donning a uniform and stepping in front of the...

Review: The Baba Yaga by Eric Brown and Una McCormack

Weird Space: Baba Yaga by Eric Brown and Una McCormack is a fast paced space opera filled with colorful characters, intense suspense, and thought provoking drama.

Lights! Camera! A…nnnd looking out for the weather…

As soon as the weather cooperates, it's TAKE 1 on the set at Star Trek Anthology