Star Trek’s JM Colt…Then and Now

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Colt Ajax
JM Colt aboard the disabled USS Ajax

Smoke billowed from several operations stations.  Power flickered erratically.  Sparks flew.  Debris and bodies of incapacitated officers were strewn about the bridge.  JM Colt sat in the center seat, a cut on her forehead; blood streaming down her face.  This is the moment that will haunt her for the rest of her career.  She struggles for a moment, then stumbles to her feet, talking her way through her actions as she goes.  Standing at the left side of the chair, she hits one of the white buttons…

The live action and special effects sequences for the prologue introducing the newest Star Trek fan-produced web series have now been completed.  As we were developing Star Trek Anthology, we realized that, unlike our friends who develop “new voyages” of the Starship Enterprise, a crew that has over fifty years of character background development in television episodes, motion pictures, books, video games and other media, fans of Starship Challenger might have questions about a character whom they have only seen in “The Cage” and only a few books and comics.  What career path did JM Colt take that led her to command this crew on this mission?

Star Trek Anthology Colt Video
Whatever became of JM Colt?

We look forward to sharing some of Captain Colt’s history as the series progresses.  We will open our pilot episode “Another Door Opens” during JM’s previous assignment.  Her performance during an intense battle demonstrates the results of her training and the quality of her character.  The experience makes such an impression, it influences her command style, as well as her interpersonal relationships.  You can get a hint of what Captain Colt may be like by hearing Jodi Ballinger Bray‘s take on the character (see video).

This footage has been sent to the editing bay, so Bill Lutz can begin compiling the sequences.  Kenneth Thomson and Henry Gibbens have been developing the special effects sequences, including a newly-designed enemy spacecraft that JM Colt will have to engage for her very survival.  3-D models have been carefully scrutinized by the creative team, and the animators continue to add texture, lighting and motion to the images, a very intricate process.

These scenes and animations will be consistent with the other videos we have shared with you.  In case you missed any of them, the full collection is available on our YouTube channel…and if you don’t mind, please click on the “Thumbs Up” icon below the videos on the individual video pages.  (It helps get us noticed!)


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