Lights! Camera! A…nnnd looking out for the weather…

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Star Trek Anthology Uniforms
Sokaal, Martin and Carmichael Tunics

We’re all set!  Everything is in line for our June shoot.  We’re keeping a close watch on the weather, as these first few scenes are exterior shots.  Brand-new, custom-tailored uniforms have arrived for Carmichael, Sokaal and Dr. Martin, thanks to the masterful work of Joseph Kerezman.  For those of you who have seen promotional photos and video for Star Trek Anthology, the wardrobe may appear ill-fitting and “monochromatic” (a surplus of “Red Shirts” outfitted our cast for our promotional shoot!).

Over the past couple of weeks, as the cast continues to fine-tune the scenes in rehearsal, alien plantlife has been created to adorn our Planet P-14-J location, Doctor Martin’s hypospray injector has been fashioned, equipment and storage containers have been assembled, and just this past week, a shipment of freight has been delivered for the cargo hold.  Upon opening some of the cases, we discovered a few surprises we look forward to sharing.

Planet P-14-J Command Console
Planet P-14-J Command Console

One last (major) prop for these scenes remains to be constructed, and Anthology creator Jim Bray is taking that task upon himself this week.  In our episode, A Logical Solution, the crew must interact with a command console in a remote area.  Once complete, it will be a challenge to transport the large device to the rocky filming location.

Our final pre-production meeting has concluded, and cast and crew are awaiting the final green-light (weather) to begin their Trek to Planet P-14-J!

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