NASA’s new project lets you take a simulated ride in a...

Now this is what we call an amusement park ride

NASA videos show what sunsets look like elsewhere in the galaxy

Don't let the sun go down on me, unless it's Mars or some other world I see...

Are There Galaxies Governed by Two Black Holes?

Double Hole, Double Hole, Two Black Holes in One (Galaxy)

Study: Life might survive, and thrive, in a hydrogen world

Imagine if, in our search, we did encounter alien organisms but failed to recognize them as actual life.

Crew Dragon in Space: An Historic Launch for SpaceX and NASA

Mission Accomplished as SpaceX and NASA launch the first commercial crew into space

Crew Dragon Launch to the ISS Rescheduled for Today

SpaceX's Crew Dragon makes another attempt to reach the ISS today.


NASA and SpaceX launch the first manned flight from Kennedy in nearly a decade.

Researchers Find Traces of Martian Oceans in Antarctic Meteorite

That meteorite that 'might' have had microbes in it has been found to have evidence of ancient Martian water. Maybe.

First Manned Launch From Kennedy in Nearly a Decade – Tomorrow

Where/how to watch tomorrow's historic manned launch to the ISS

New hypothesis argues the universe simulates itself into existence

Could you and everything else in the universe actually be an "emergent subthought"? Klee Irwin thinks so.

Long spaceflights change astronauts’ brain structure, new study suggests

Astronauts have swelled heads. Literally.

These 7 countries and companies are going to Mars in the...

It's starting to get crowded on planet Mars

Humans were born to run. Exoskeletons might make us betterat it.

These exoskeletons might let you out-run a Terminator

New study deepens the controversy over Planet Nine’s existence

Is there a mysterious Planet Nine hiding in the outskirts of our solar system? While there've been hypotheses making such claims, a new study looks to disprove its existence.

New AI improves itself through Darwinian-style evolution

Should we be comfortable with Machine Learning?

Sci-Fi Short Film: “Grapefruit & Heat Death!” | DUST

The Heat Death of the Universe in one easy lesson

5 effortless, science-backed changes to your isolation workspace that will improve...

Make your inside more like your regular day and you may be happier and more prductive


Steve concludes his three-part review of James Cameron’s “near-perfect” SF movie, Aliens. Was it too much detail, just right, or too little? You tell us!

Tracking COVID-19 in real time: Using tech to preventoutbreaks

No testing? Here's one solution.

Gamma-ray space telescope study may have spotted dark matter

By comparing data derived from gravitational lensing and gamma ray observations....

Science Fiction and Medicine – What I’m Reading and Watching

as reassuring as fiction can be, we all live in the real world and must protect ourselves and our loved ones and everyone else as best we can

5 effortless, science-backed changes to your isolation workspace that will improve...

Some tips for getting along in our current circumstances
Talon A

World’s Biggest Plane to Launch Hypersonic Vehicles

hypersonic testbeds will serve as a catalyst in sparking a renaissance in hypersonic technologies

New nuclear fusion reactor design may be a breakthrough

Get some small idea of the challenges facing the design of a fusion reactor

New dinosaur-age cockroaches discovered

Doesn't matter where or when they come from, Sgt. Keegan does not like roaches!

Permafrost is thawing so fast it’s gouging holes in theArctic

Rapid thawing of the permafrost needs to be incorporated into climate change models

2 new ways to find aliens, according to a Nobel Prize...

Two possible new strategies for SETI

What If Consciousness Pervaded the Universe?

Consciousness pervades the cosmos. Maybe that's why Fermi's Paradox?