How Humans will Live Underwater in ‘Ocean Stations’

Deep A computer generated visualisation of the Deep's subsea habitat (Credit: Deep)
The Deep’s subsea habitats will allow a permanent human presence under the ocean (Credit: Deep)

In 2026, a crew of six fully-trained aquanauts will be deployed to a new oceanic habitat system – beginning what promises to be the era of humanity’s continuous presence underwater.

A cable vanishes from the surface, stretching away into the abyss. The water is crystal clear, yet just 20m (66ft) down – even with its lights on – the remote operated vehicle (ROV) attached to that cable is beyond the reach of our vision. What must it be like looking up from that depth? What about 10 times that depth? Most humans who venture down that far can only get a brief glimpse of what life is like at those depths. But what if you were able to stay down there for days? That is exactly what the experts at Deep aim to do.
Manufacturing of the ocean technology and exploration company’s “subsea habitats” has already begun and, on 3 November 2026, they plan to deploy a crew of six fully trained “aquans” to their newly unveiled Sentinel oceanic habitat system. Deep hopes this will begin an era of humanity’s continuous presence underwater, an ambition that will mirror the achievements already made in outer space. The technology will allow people to live at depths of up to 200m (656 ft) for up to 28 days at a time – revolutionising the way scientists observe, monitor and understand the oceans.
On the edge of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, south west England, Dayhouse Quarry sits between the tree-line and the flood plains that sweep down towards the River Severn. Enclosed by 70m-tall (230ft) sheer cliffs, there is no wind. In this secret enclave, a bright blue pool sinks to depths of 80m (260ft)…

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