AMAZING NEWS: 9/27/5784*

*Today’s date is rendered according to the Hebrew calendar on this 4th night of Hannukah.  For your elucidation, the year is derived from Maimonides (Jewish scholar and creator of a hierarchy of charity) who determined that the year of creation was 3761 BCE.  And now you know why some creationists believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old.  Which is ridiculous, of course.  Everyone knows that the simulation we’re inhabiting was created just a handful of years ago when some computer geeks got too much into the eggnog.

Today’s news is actually being brought to you on 12/10/23…IF you subscribe to some approximation of reality.

A large dust cloud in our galaxy, nicknamed “The Brick” is puzzling astronomers over its lack of star formation

Missing Space Vegetable:  a tomato grown on the ISS went missing and has now been  found.  Details withheld.  What is it about that missing space tomato the government doesn’t want us to know?

Paul Di Filippo (author and critic) posted an image of an advertisement from the Thrilling Group of magazines, which, during its heyday, published Thrilling Wonder Stories, Startling Stories, Captain Future, and Strange Stories, among many other “Thrilling” pulps.  If you believe that more prominent items in an advertisement are the more “valued” or “popular” products, Thrilling Wonder Stories was highly regarded.

Paul Levinson notes that his The Copyright Notice Case story is available for reading once again 

Condolences to Larry Niven & Family on the passing of Marilyn “Fuzzy Pink” Niven, 1940-2023

Stupefying Stories notes that Hubble has gone offline

Harlan’s Remington didn’t sell for 40k, but it did sell (I think they’d have gotten more if they’d sold individual keys and promoted them as “Own some of Harlan Ellison’s DNA!” – individual prices set based on letter frequency.)

Hanukah celebrated aboard the ISS

Tananarive Due share’s Steven Barnes’ cover reveal of the latest Star Wars novel (see featured image)

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