AMAZING News! Double Edition! 2/23/14

Today we bring you two weeks of genre news roundups.

Please note our DISCLAIMER Page and in relation to all news items but particularly those listed under the CAUSES heading: Items included under Causes are meant to raise awareness about various important issues that affect the genre community.  Some may advocate, some may criticize, some may simply inform.  The views expressed by the authors are not necessarily those of Amazing Stories or its contributors.  Amazing Stories supports diversity, equality and fairness within the genre community.



Why Is Diversity Important?
Facebook Adds Gender Options:  Better Than Nothing?
Bad Mommy
Rare Photo of Onna-Bugeisha (Yes, there were female samurai)
Con or Bust!
Join the Insect Army
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These…S&M May Have Psychological Benefit


New Forward of Mendlesohn Heinlein Book Published “Here was a person sometimes ahead of his time, sometimes crosswise, and towards the end frankly in retrenchment. As a historian how could I not be entranced?” Part of Modern Masters Of Science Fiction series.
Studio Offers Star Trek TOS Set for Fan Film Use
Six Common Alt Hist Mistakes
Rocket Racoon Rocks Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer (video) & More Rocket Goodness (video)
New X-Men Character Photos
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer (video)
Napoleon Solo & Illya Kuryakin Coming to the Big Screen
SF As Science Fact From PBS (Video)
Space Toys!


Nnedi Okorafor Named Special YA Author Guest For Detcon1
SF Threatened By Bad BehaviorTeleread Commentary On the Same
Dave Kyle Sits Here On His 95th Birthday
Blue Petal 1950-2014
William Tienken 1960-2014
Lost Bradbury Interview Unlost
Starlog Magazine Archive
‘ SF Is Dead’ – Say It Ain’t So Ridley
2016 Worldcon Bids Filed
SF Stamps Not Ready To Go On the Cart…yet


Nominate Small Presses For WSFA Award
Fan Activity Achievement Awards Nominations Open (Did you know Amazing Stories made it to the list last year?  Sure did!) Anyone can nominate!
Speaking of the previous item – 2013 FAAN Award Results
Kitschie Award Winners
Tiptree Award
2014 Stoker Award Preliminary Ballot
Aurelius Awards Short List


NASA & SF Happy TogetherOriginal Press Release From NASA

Semi-Nude Male courtesy Jim C. Hines Cover Pose Project
Semi-Nude Male courtesy Jim C. Hines Cover Pose Project


Daily Dot Coverage
Mary Robinette Kowal Responds
N. K. Jemisin Responds Too
Scalzi on 1st Amendment Rights & Petitions
Nude or Semi-Nude Men Are Not Common On the Covers Of Romance Novels
Writer Beware Chimes In
Teleread Opines
More Scalzi On First Amendment
Hines On PetitionGate
Kerfuffle Over?


Hugh Howey – Publishing Numbers & Author Earnings
Donald Maas on Self-Pub vs Traditional vs ?
Wendig: Self-Pub Bingo Readers Are Not Good Gatekeepers
Kindle Market Share By Genre
PW On The Indie Revolt
Genre Novelist Finances
Unrealistic Expectations


Is It Really Gonna Happen?


Are New York Publishers Still Relevant?
Gnome Press Co-Founder Dies
Slow Burn Success
Writing Advice & Advice That Didn’t Work
Book Industry Afraid Of Amazon?
Inkshares – New Crowdfunding Site For Writers


Space Dust Carries the Seeds of Life
Water On Mars NOW
The Moon Bunny Lives!
Fusion Test Milestone Reached
The Joy Of Discovery Music Video Uses Bill Nye Quotes From Creationism Debate (video)
Galaxy’s Newest Oldest Star Discovered
Free Space Systems Engineering Course Offered By NASA & Saylor (via David Decker)
Can We Merge Minds & Machines
Sci-Fi Armor Inspires Real Armor
Space Elevators:  Will they have an emergency stop button?
Zero-G SI Swimsuit Photos (video)
Space Garbage:  Private Ship Leaves ISS
New HD Moon Photos

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