CLUBHOUSE: Review: Speculative North Magazine #1

A new Canadian SF magazine hits the stands!

Things We Know About AMAZINGCON®

We're busily working on our schedule of events for AmazingCon®.  But we wanted to give you some preliminary idea of what is in store...

Things We Know About AMAZINGCON®

We're busily working on our schedule of events for AmazingCon®.  But we wanted to give you some preliminary idea of what is in store...

Announcing AMAZINGCON! An Online Convention

Announcing AmazingCon, an online convention coming June 12-14, 2020


Movie reviews, re-reads, tv reviews top out our most popular posts from the past week

Blogger Invitado: Carlos Enrique Saldívar. Reseña del libro Chica Cafeína de...

Zero, Cecilia. Chica Cafeína. Lima: SM, 2017. 98 pp. Ilustraciones de Luis Morocho. Cecilia Zero ha desarrollado diversas labores en las áreas cultural y artística, es cantante, actriz, escritora....

Finally some good news! Finalmente buenas noticias (post bilingüe/bilingual post)

Tanya, our Spanish language editor, has just sold her first novel for english translation

CLUBHOUSE: Review: The Defender of Rebel Falls, a novel by Erik...

A medieval fantasy seen through a science fiction lens

CLUBHOUSE: Review: augur Magazine Issue #6 Vol.2 #3

With six issues under its belt augur is switching to paying full SFWA rates, apparently the only SpeciFic zine in Canada to do so.


Cool reads here. Don't miss out!

Review: What’s Bred in the Bone by Jan S. Gephardt

The divide between human and canine is narrowed in the novel What’s Bred in the Bone. As author Jan S. Gephardt rewrites the definition of a hero.

R. Graeme Cameron – Club House Columnist – Inducted into Canadian...

One of our regular columnists was just inducted into the CSFFA' s Hall of Fane


Captain Future; female heroes in space; three black holes colliding; FTL being taken seriously, Dan Simmons screed; Elon Musk builds a silo; Kay Tarrant, George Lucas, Greta Thunberg, Boston Dynamics, Spider-Man and, believe it or not - more!

Satellite Photo Shows Aftermath of Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities...

The aftermath of the Saudi drone strike - from space.

Novedades de Agosto en Hispanoamérica

Libros Editorial Bisonte y WhaltariBooks presentaron el 1 de agosto la novela “Nosocomium" del escritor Christ Gutiérrez-Rodríguez (Premio Copé de Oro, 2012). Los comentarios estuvieron...

Amazing Stories Fall 2019 Issue (the 1st Anniversary issue) Needs a...

We're going into a second printing for our fifth issue!

Vuntor: Una historia para contar

Adhara Stanley", a young Bolivian writer, takes us in her novel VUNTOR through dream worlds and realities that combine in a whirlpool of magical images.

Novedades de Julio en Hispanoamérica

New releases and reissues; new issues of Aeternum, miNatura, Penumbria; interviews and presentations by several Amazing Stories authors, and more.

Amazing Histories, June 1928: Beyond the Visible

Gernsback experiences myth becoming reality; H.G. Wells, David H Keller, Baron Munchhhausen's adventures and more round out this 1928 issue of the magazine


World Fantasy, British Fantasy, Seiuns, Rhyslings, Golden Heart, Neffy, Prix Rosny Aines, Inkpot, Inky, Prism, Aliance awards and shortlists; Hamill wins an Icon, Worldcon Business Meet agtenda and, the Philes' Phabulous Phandom(s) pixel scroll!mi

CON REPORT: San Diego Comicon 2019

So let’s get things straight. I am not a hall H kinda gal, so no, I did not get to see, hear, touch, breathe...

Dog Posts on Internet for the First Time

Bo, the Wonder Dog, tries his hand at posting. We think it beats those "elephant paints abstracts" cold.

How to Watch Bill Nye’s Lightsail 2 Solar Spaceship Make History...

You can follow the lightsail's progress on a dashboard from the Planetary Society

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance from Gladiators to Gamers

There's more than one kind of fireworks you can indulge on Independence Day

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Lofts 24 Satellites in 1st Night Launch...

Wow! Night launches are always spectacular and this one was no exception. (Unfortunately, the main core missed its landing on the drone ship)


Amazing Stories rolls out its Event Calendar. A few thoughts on promoting your event and providing information to the public.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Lackington’s Magazine “Voyages” – Issue 19, Spring 2019

A review of the most recent issue of Lackington's Magazine - Voyages

THE BUTTERFLY KID a Retro Review in Anticipation of the Re-Release...

It's the 1960s in Greenwich Village; aliens have invaded and there's a kid in the park creating psychedelic butterflies out of thin air. In other words, just a regular day in the village.