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The Wax magazine number 20 is out; Laura Ponce will give a workshop entitled Latin American Science Fiction: Thinking about the future from here; Cuban painter and cartoonist Cecilio Avilés has passed away, more

Science Fiction Short Film: New | From Dust

Centuries after their deaths, an elderly couple emerge from cryonic suspension to find their lives, health – and youth – totally restored. Together, they face the joys and challenges of a second life in the distant future. Shades of Riverworld

CLUBHOUSE: Review: “The Game Designers” by Karl Johanson

OBIR: Occasional Biased and Ignorant Reviews reflecting this reader’s opinion. The Game Designers  – by Karl Johanson Publisher: Neo-opsis Publishing, Victoria, B.C., Canada , 2021. Cover Art  by Karl Johanson.   Interior Art by Stephanie Ann Johanson. Premise: Are Game Designers better than the rest of us at coping with life after death? Review:  This is […]

Short SF Film – Skip | Dust

Tonight, Paul pops the question to Amanda. Everything is perfect; then suddenly – chaos. Now the couple find themselves stuck between two worlds. Desperate to be free, they try everything they can to escape… Will they succeed?

Wonder Histories, July 1929: New Worlds of Science

A vast ocean liner points down towards us, its stern in the sky and its prow a short distance from the ground. At first glance an observer might assume that the ship is plummeting from the stratosphere and about to crush the two unfortunate figures standing below. On closer inspection, however, it is revealed that […]

Science Fiction to Look for April 2021 - Amazing Stories

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Ernest Liley nous présente les romans à lire en avril; https://amazingstories.com/2021/04/science-fiction-to-look-for-april-2021/ R Graeme Cameron chronique Blood of the siren CLUBHOUSE: Review: “Flight of the Siren” by Brendan Myers. Tanya Tynjala présente un roman de Luis Saavedra Reseña de Libro: Lentos Animales Interdimensionales de Luis Saavedra. R Graeme Cameron présente un roman de A David Singh […]

8 Science Fiction Romance Novels Featuring Fierce Mothers

Note: This post first appeared in the Roswell Daily Record… There have always been mothers as characters in science fiction. Think of Ripley in “Aliens,” or Spock’s mother in “Star Trek;” or Luke and Leia’s mother in “Star Wars,” who certainly had her challenges. The ultimate mother in sci-fi romance novels to me will always […]

BOOK RELEASE PARTY ONLINE! For No Police = Know Future!

Sunday, December 27th, at 4 PM EST, Amazing Stories will host an online book release party with the anthology’s editor, James Beamon, and most, if not all of the author’s whose stories appear inside this ground-breaking anthology addressing possible futures of policing and justice. The exact line-up of authors is not yet finalized;  we’ll bring […]

Proyecto Cthulhu, antología en homenaje a H.P. Lovecraft

  Proyecto Cthulhu es una antología que reúne a autores hispanoamericanos de Perú, México, Puerto Rico, España y Estados Unidos, quienes muestran una clara influencia y admiración por el maestro del horror cósmico. Algunos de los autores de esta antología son Ángel Isian, Alberto Chimal, Daniel Salvo, Gerardo Lima, Yuliana Cruz, Bern Chamberlain. Un cuento […]