Amazing News: 7/9/23

SPECIAL NOTE:  There will be a major announcement in this space, tomorrow, July 10th, that will be of interest to all Science Fictioneers, Fans, Slans, SMoFs, SF-Adjacent individuals and SFnal related enterprises.  Each, every and ALL of you.  It doesn’t matter whether you call it Scientifiction, StF, Science Fiction, SF or Sci-Fi (Sci Fi, SciFi), Speculative Fiction or even “that Buck Rogers stuff”.  You’ll want to know this.

(and now, the other news…)

Rich Horton highlights a new Samuel Delaney profile in the New Yorker

Amazon Scam to watch out for

A Flying Car has finally been deemed “air worthy”.  (People worthy is another thing)

The US State Department is recommending against travel to China.

Euclid mission to unravel “dark matter” mystery launches successfully

Yes, Women’s roles have been male-washed since the Stone Age

Nnedi Okorafor announces new Phoenix imprint

David Lubkin commemorates Clarion workshop’s beginnings

Ingenuity phones home after 63 days of being incommunicado

WEBB shows us Saturn like we’ve never seen it before

There are no rescue plans for space tourists who get into trouble

AI is eliminating jobs in the AI fields

Paul Tremblay and other authors sue Open AI for infringement

Grammys to allow AI content

A Mysterious Safe in a used book store needs to be opened

Betelgeuse’s Nova event may not be that far off

Ira Nayman has a new multiverse book out

AI/robots hold their first press conference

The Shadow appeared in a Nancy comic ten years ago

Why is Hollywood so invested in remakes?


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