CONTRARY BRIN: Anticipating Artificial Intelligence – the Problems the Promises

Doug Rushkoff’s Team Human podcast dives into an hour with me, discussing a vital Big Picture Question — perhaps the biggest – that’s applicable to the current ‘crisis’ over artificial Intelligence:

What methods did people use – the last couple of centuries – to finally apply some accountability upon the bullies and predators who oppressed 99% of our ancestors, across the last 6000+ years?

And let’s be clear. RULES – whether they were finger-wag preachings by priests or gurus, or deep-programmed ‘laws of robotics’ – never worked well at all! Not till they were backed up by tools of pragmatic reciprocal accountability, in the hands of former serfs and slaves and subjects, transformed into citizens. (It’s the core topic of The Postman.) 

We still haven’t learned to do it perfectly – but it’s worked better than all previous and present-day moralizing preachings… combined. And hence, might some of the same methods that worked (partially) with organic humans also work with the coming race of artificial beings?

Too bad those methods aren’t being even considered by any of the brilliant inventors of AI, now hand-wringing and calling for an AI ‘moratorium.’

Come by as we talk about what just might stand a chance of offering us that ‘soft landing’ of synergy with our new cyber children. Because we’ve already proved that it works.


== Are current AIs ‘sapient? ==

Synthetic sapience (AI) is developing in much the same way as intelligence did in humans, from the peripherals inward

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