AMAZING NEWS: October 7th, 2018

This week, the news is worth the wait – from politics to science, we’re jampacked. Star Trek, American Gods, Wheel of Time, not to mention quantum life, today’s space launch and a host of new releases


Matilda Stands up to Power

DOJ Tries to Shut Down California Net Neutrality Law

Everyone and Anyone Who Cares About Reality Needs This

Trump Administration Declares Climate Change Inevitable, So Lets Burn Some Fossil Fuels! – and – Scientists Say Things Are Worse Than We Imagined

What tthe NY Transit System is Like for Persons with Disabilities

What Exclusive Streaming Content is Like for Pirates

Partners of LGBTQI Un Staff Being Kicked Out by US Gov


Ultron Pulling a Tom Sawyer?

Bathmat Recreates Scenes From Psycho (kinda)

Immigrant Superhero

Trailer for Season 2 of ST: Discovery (pop music, bing, bang, boom, Captain Pike, everything is connected to Spock….now you don’t need to watch it)

Is Disney Out of Ideas?

Black Mirror to go “Choose Your Own Adventure”

Adam Savage Builds Replica of First Spacesuit

More Savage:  Robot Spider

Wheel of Time coming to Netflix

Military SF Top 12

See What Panels You Missed at NYCC

Short Treks

Chronicles of Narnia Being Worked on at Netflix

Critics Praise for Pratchett Coming to TV

Venom Reviews are Venomous

New Show Features Picard Before the Baldening

The Q Concept:  Comic features Kirk, Picard, Sisko & Janeway

American Gods – Season 2

Oh the Ennui of Being an Underappreciated Science Fiction Charactter

NatGeo’s Mars Returns for Second Season

Netflix Gunning for HBO’s “Fantasy Crown”


If you don’t like “sci fi” try reading these novels (if you don’t like “sci fi”, why are you here?)

TAFF 2018 Opens for Nominations

New Releases for October

Check Out The Hevelin Collection

British Museum Dedicates Exhibit to Mimeographing;  Local Fans Hansen and Langford Contribute

Why NOT Use SF to Teach Science?

Curiosity Rover Gets a Children’s Book

Diveristy in YA Fiction – Top 15 List

Open for Submissions:  Outliers 

An “Academic” Explanation of Fandom

Asian Mythology & YA:  Ten Books

Learn from Terry Pratchett


19Th Century Astronomicals

NASA Has Plans for Moon Return & Mars Voyage (don’t they always?)

Life on Other Worlds?  Search for Signs of Forests

Drywall Installers, Your Time Has Come

Ray Gun Reality

Lockheed Martins’ Reusable Moon Lander

Space-X Under Attack

Private Moon Exploration Company Partners with Canadian Space Agency (and you all wondered why Amazing hired a Canadian editor….)

Space X West Coast Launch and Landing Today

Scientists Create Quantum Life

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