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tangentTangent Online is the modern incarnation of an acclaimed paper fanzine published by David Truesdale in the 1970s.

Tangent (the fanzine) focused on reviews of short fiction – stories found in the magazines of the day and in original anthologies.

Tangent was resurrected and went online in 1997 where it has continued its mission of being a  “one-stop clearinghouse for information on the good, the bad and the ugly in the short-story jungle” (Paul Di Filippo of SciFi.com,)

Disclaimer:  Several years ago I wrote a couple of magazine reviews for Tangent Online and disappointed Dave by not being able to continue doing so (I was clearing the decks for this little online effort called Amazing Stories).

Tangent Online is an excellent resource for finding out whats happening in the short fiction arena and features several other cool features, such as a weekly Old Time Radio broadcast.

If you want to stay up to speed on the genre, Tangent Online ought to be on your visit daily list.

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