Video Game Review: TMNT – Out of the Shadows

The 80s were and always will be such a blur to me. It wasn’t the excessive cocaine use, blinding neon colors, or the advent of Wham!’s Wake Me up Before You Go Go. No, it was the fact that I spent all of my earliest years in them, along with my four turtle friends. I […]

Review: Oblivion

I won’t say it’s the best SF film I’ve seen lately—it’s certainly one of the best-looking, however; but it’s deserving of a second look if you’ve been hoping for a moderately good science fiction film to watch this summer.

Marketing 101: Walk Before You Run

I think one of the biggest mistakes that authors make with regards to marketing is spending huge amounts of time that will produce very few results.  This is usually a byproduct of being excited that a new book has just been released and wanting to get the word out. Here’s a typical scenario: Book is […]

Hidden Treasures: Review of a Manga Reference Book

Used bookstores are veritable treasure troves, as I’m sure many Amazing Stories readers will agree.  Digging through the shelves and piles of every type of book imaginable is a bibliophile’s dream especially when it doesn’t break the bank.  But used bookstores here in the States are not well known for stocking a wide variety of […]