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This week Steve stays put in space and time, reviewing the May/June Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (F&SF). The stories in the issue, however, range all over space and time!

ABSOLUTE ZERO Cool Websites, Very Cool : Worlds Without...

Worlds Without End - an excellent resource for fans of science fiction

How To Take Advantage of Amazing Stories

A quick run-down on how members of the genre community can use Amazing Stories' resources to their own advantage.

Saturday Editorial 1/11/14

An update on happenings at Amazing Stories

A Rant on Goodreads

Commentary on the internet trolling that has become the Goodreads comment section.

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites, Very Cool

Short Fiction Reviews - Zillions of 'Em - On Tangent Online

Video Game Review: TMNT – Out of the Shadows

The 80s were and always will be such a blur to me. It wasn't the excessive cocaine use, blinding neon colors, or the advent...

Comic Review: Star Trek / Doctor Who: Assimilation²

In Star Trek / Doctor Who: Assimilation Squared, we are treated with probably the most accurate comic representations of both TNG and Matt Smith era Doctor Who.

Review: Oblivion

I won’t say it’s the best SF film I’ve seen lately—it's certainly one of the best-looking, however; but it’s deserving of a second look if you’ve been hoping for a moderately good science fiction film to watch this summer.

Marketing 101: Walk Before You Run

I think one of the biggest mistakes that authors make with regards to marketing is spending huge amounts of time that will produce very...

Emailing a Book Blogger About a Review and Why First Impressions...

One of the primary benefits of reviewing books on a blog is that people will work hard to get you to give their book...

Hidden Treasures: Review of a Manga Reference Book

Used bookstores are veritable treasure troves, as I'm sure many Amazing Stories readers will agree.  Digging through the shelves and piles of every type...

Writing Reviews – in My Opinion

Readers tend to gain most from reviews while writers tend to live more by opinion. That ugly thin line between the two is where fan compassion blurs with confusion.