Intergalactic Dating Agency Authors Share SF Romance Story Inspirations

Interview with the authors of the Intergalactic Dating Agency

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Pulp Literature Magazine #27

A review of the stories, poems and interview in the latest issue of Pulp Literature magazine

Purple Striped Alien Mutant Plot Bunnies for Me

The rabbit analogy works because there are a zillion plot bunnies, an author can really “go down a rabbit hole”

AMAZING STORIES Summer 2020 Issue Being Released

New issue out soon

Some Thoughts On The SF Canons

Continuing thoughts on the SF Canon discussion, other voices heard from.

Don’t Forget the H

Don’t be afraid to get a little scary now and then.

Rose or Petunia? Names I’ve Changed

On the changing of the naming of things

An Open Letter to Convention Chairs and the Greater SF/FCommunity

What do you feel is our ethical responsibility to our abuse survivors? 

Amazing Selects Releases Adrift in a Sea of Souls by David...

New stories from David Gerrold, introduction by Adam-Troy Castro and illustrated by M.D. Jackson

Amazing Selects Releases Adrift in a Sea of Souls by David...

New stories from David Gerrold, introduction by Adam-Troy Castro and illustrated by M.D. Jackson

Here are Eight Places That Accept Nonfiction Essays on SF/FTopics

Hey, a place to sell your essays!

Delany to Give Windham-Campbell Lecture

Samuel R. Delany will deliver the 2020 Windham-Campbell lecture

CLUBHOUSE: Review: When Words Collide Writers Festival: a “virtual” triumph!

Congratulations to R. Graeme Cameron for his Aurora win. Here, he fills us in on what it was like to attend When Worlds Collide

A Guide for Authors on Recommending Books

If you want to help recruit new genre readers to the fold, recommendations on what to read should be more than casual mentions

Three Hot Science Fiction Romance Tropes

What do you call your favorite SF tropes?

When Worlds Collide – Online Festival for Readers and Writers Starts...

Online conference this weekend includes a panel about Amaxzing Stories with Publisher Steve Davidson, EIC Ira Nayman, Asst. Editor Liz Hirst and Artistic Director Kermit Woodall

Not Painting Myself into a Corner Plotwise

What's a rule of your world established in a previous book that complicated things for you in a later book?"

Remembered Reads: Larry Niven and Known Space

Larry Niven and his Known Space tales have had a far-ranging impact on many aspects of the genre.

Notes for Stories Collect Dust While I Write OtherBooks

...for now the few notes and words there are reside in that bulging, never opened “Note for Stories” folder in the old beige file cabinet.

Summer Reading Bingo Science Fiction Romance Style

Fill out your card! Win the satisfaction of finding some great SF Romance reads!

Copyright Registration Rule Change Allows Flat Fee Registration of Short Textual...

New rule allows for registration of multiple short works

SF/F Magazines Wait Out The Great Pause—Part 2: Short- and Long-Term...

Ira Nayman, Amazing's editor, chimes in with thoughts from F&SF, Clarkesworld, Uncanny and others

SF/F Magazines Wait Out The Great Pause—Part 1: Submissions & Supplies

Check it out: Amazing Stories was consulted....

Authors Invited to Share Information for #PublishingPaidMe Report

Study wants to look at how advances are distributed in the industry

Convención : Uroboros 2020

Announcing the International Convention of Fantasy Literature, Horror and Science Fiction - Uroboros

Interview: Author Anna Hackett on Completing the 20 Book Hell Squad...

Completing a 20 book series is an accomplishment. Completing a 20 book SF Romance series is unprecedented!

SFWA News Round Up: Year-Round Online Education: Health Care Program: Statement...

SFWA commits to addressing unaddressed racism within the organization

Amazing Stories Lanza un Nuevo Kickstarter

Yes, Amazing is running another Kickstarter

Which Character Do Readers Ask Me To Write for?

I have to wait until the right story occurs to me or strikes my fancy