Odyssey Writing Workshop: A Life-Changing Educational Experience

The Odyssey site, www.odysseyworkshop.org, provides information about Odyssey’s workshop, online classes, webinars, critique service, consultations, coaching, and many free resources

There Was An Actual Well

what do you do to nourish your creative self
Ownvoices - Ace

#OWNVOICES: Asexual/Aromantic Spectrum Authors

Are you an ACE author? There's a place for you.

New Editor-in-Chief Chosen to Steer SFWA’s Publications

Trota will be the 20th Editor-in-Chief in SFWA’s 54-year history, and is the first Person of Color to serve as the organization’s Editor-in-Chief.
Jeff Baker

Boogieman In Lavender: On Beyond Cisgender: Books for High School

“Only literary fiction and other genres are typically not only disallowed but actively sneered at.”

Filtering Feedback: Strategies for Overcoming the RevisionDoldrums

Filtering feedback is a complicated process and one that is unique to every project. Fortunately, though, there are strategies

China Science Fiction Research Institute

The China Science Fiction Research Institute aims to support "...the development of the sci-fi industry and related literary and artistic endeavours"

A Fantasy Winter Holiday and Cinderella Fairy Tale Theme All in...

On the creation of fictional holidays - with an excerpt

Science Fiction Romance Includes Sassy ‘Galactic Gramma’ Characters

Addressing the "older woman" issue in genre fiction: The SFR author community seems very open to writing stories of action, adventure and romance for women of any age, depending on the story the writer wishes to tell.

Les nouvelles small press

New publishers and editors of genre works in France

Across the Dark Horizon by Tagan Shepard: Book Review

set in a near future where humanity has made significant breakthroughs in space travel and established a colony on the moon.

Writing The Other Rechristens Financial Aid Program to Vonda N. McIntyre...

Extremely appropriate re-naming that we heartily approve of. And, if you don't know its origins, you're in for a treat.

Six Quick Points of Advice on Being an Author

Never engage with reviewers, especially over a negative review.

I Write Disasters On Purpose

I enjoy showing the growth of the relationship between my hero and heroine as they’re thrown together by the circumstances and come to respect each other’s skills and personality as they fight shoulder to shoulder

Amazing Stories’ 2020 Nebula Award Eligibility Notices

Short fiction published by Amazing Stories in 2019 that is award eligible in 2020


Change of venue for the 11/20 reading series.

My 5 Principles for Writing in 3 Genres

Five rules for three genres

FOR READERS: Too Much Sex?

Join the discussion: too much sex in spec fic? There was a time when we were talking about there not being enough....

John Crowley’s And Go Like This Was Worth the Wait

Crowley readers often become Crowley completists. And Go Like This will satisfy the high expectations of Crowley’s devoted readers

Of Bees & Books: The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

The Starless Sea is a love story, an epic love letter to the art of storytelling and to the power of stories.

Care and Feeding of the Author in the House

Writing is all about finding a balance...like that guy who used to twirl the plates on the Sullivan Show

The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz: Book Review

You like the tea, you like the AI Barista, so what's not to like?

SFWA Contracts Committee Advisory on No-advance Contracts

WANAL, but SFWA offers some suggestions regarding no-advance contract

’50 Shades’ of Medieval Erotica – Lost Romance Recovered

More parts of a popular medieval romance uncovered

Jeff Baker, Boogieman In lavender: Halloween Reading; CliveBarker

Today, Barker is himself publically out and is becoming an elder statesman of the horror writing world and movies based on his work are familiar fiends, I mean, friends around the world.

The One Career Goal I Crave To Achieve

Unrequited love can be expressed in so many different ways....

Obsidian Rim Authors Talk Shared Universes, Scrapnappers & More

Interviews with the authors of novels in a shared universe Science Fiction Romance series

Research Was My Key to Writing the Fight Scenes

It's a knife fight in the world of science fiction romance!

7 Things to Avoid When Trying to Meet a Writing Deadline

THE list of things you MUST avoid if you want to finish a project on time