CLUBHOUSE: Review: Pulp Literature Magazine #23

Fine writing throughout in this magazine devoted to pulp fiction of a higher literary calling.

Tonight on American Masters – Ursula K. Le Guin

Fames SF author Ursula K. Le Guin is featured tonight on PBS' American Masters


Final voting for the awards closes tonight!

The 2019 Hugo Awards – Publisher’s Picks

Amazing Stories' publisher's picks for the 2019 Hugo and Retrospective Hugo Awards.

Announcing the ISFIC Writer’s Contest

Tracy Townsend, writer's contest coordinator, wants you to enter this long-running writing contest!

Introducing Shanghai Pudong Science Fiction Association

A new Chinese SF Club forms

Shortlist of Chinese Nebula Award (Xing Yun Award) 2019

The 2019 Chinese Nebula Award short list is announced

It’s True. Young Readers Should Not Be Introduced To The...

Want a quick history lesson in the SF genre? Here's how to get one without having to wade through too much of that old, dated, socially jarring stuff without too much trouble.

Is Science Fiction Dead? (Or, lessons learned from the Creative Ink...

Yes, once again, Science Fiction is dead, Dead, DEAD! Maybe.

Yo También Necesito una Pausa

Tanya is taking a break, and leaves us with a book trailer for her latest offering, (Ir)Realidades, to tide us over

Entrevista: Certamen Internacional de Microcuento y Poesía miNatura

An interview with Ricardo Acevedo of miNatura SF magazine

Rights Clearances & Amazing Stories

Amazing has received numerous rights queries over the past couple of weeks. Here's why we may not be able to help.

How Not To Slate and Do Other Stuff Peoples Won’t Like:...

You can't keep a good kerfuffle down! Notes on how to avoid starting a kerfuffle and related fuffle.

AMAZING PEOPLE: Alma Alexander

Facebook Live will feature a reading by Alma Alexander this coming Sunday.

Boskone 56 – 2019: A Con Report

A more extended report on the happenings at Boskone 56.

Nuevas antologías escritas por mujeres.

Two new anthologies featuring female authors!

A Million Reasons Why CyberStorm Is Still Relevant

Topping international sales of over a million copies, CyberStorm is an indie-publishing success story with longevity.


New projects mean new opportunities for writers

Writer Beware®: The Blog: The Best of Writer Beware: 2018 in...

This is a bit dated, but it's still not too late to familiarize yourself with the nastier side of the publishing biz.

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance for January

Imprisoned involuntary organ donors, a post apocalyptic village trying to survive, stolen alien artifacts and an impending Earth invasion, the dawning of a new humanity, a mutant on the run from space slavers, and alien mail-order brides. Tell me that ain't SF!

Start the New Year with New Science Fiction Romance

Will cyborgs continue to be a 'thing'? Will barbarians continue to inhabit icy planets? What will the fate of reverse harems be? We can't say for sure, but Veronica Scott has a plan!

Book Review: Daemon Voices: Essays on Storytelling by Philip Pullman

For those of us who write fiction, he has countless wise and constructive advice to offer

Beautiful Books for the Fantasy Fan in Your Life

Five Fantastic Fantasies, perfect for the holidays

Nécrologie : Hugues Douriaux

The French author Hugues Douriaux died this past November.

Handmaid’s Tale to Get a Sequel

A sequel to The Handmaid's Tale is in the works.

Haffner Press Announces John the Balladeer, by Manly Wade Wellman

Haffner Press announces a two volume set containing everything John the Balladeer.


In addition to free fiction, has these offerings today: Star Trek: The Art of John Eaves Offers a Look at a Better (and Cooler) Future by...

Fanac.Org: Fanzines for the 1943 Retro Hugos

Not everything eligible, but a fine collection of sample 1943 fanzines for voters to check outt

SF in Israel – Locus Online

SF in Israel is starting to make some noise

Holiday Fantasy Writing Prompt: What’s Behind This Locked Door?

If you're too stuffed to write, we understand. If, on the other hand, the muse strikes, try this exercise.