A Special Holocaust Issue of the Award Winning Journey Planet Fanzine Released Today

Steven H Silver, author, Fan and occasional contributor to Amazing Stories was asked to edit the Holocaust themed issue of Journey Planet, the Hugo Award winning and multiply nominated collaborative ‘zine published by James Bacon & Chris Garcia (and currently on the ballot for Best Fanzine in 2024), and announced its release this morning.

You can download a PDF edition here –  http://www.journeyplanet.org/journey-planet—2021-hugo-nominee/issue-81-the-holocaust or by clicking on the cover below:

Many contributors to Amazing Stories can be found in the contents, along with many others.  The Holocaust, or “Shoah”, is a difficult subject, but one which must be remembered as both a lesson and a warning.

Contributors listed below:

Page 2 – Dedication
Page 4 – Introduction by Steven H Silver
Page 5 – What Time Is It? By Avram Davidson
Page 7 – Armenian Remembrances by Pat Sayre McCoy
Photo courtesy Forever Saroyan, LLC
Page 9 – Testimony, Part I: Before the War by Sally Pitluk
Page 11 – Discovering my Family Tree by Steven H Silver
Page 12 – Memoirs of a Hidden Child by Sharon Pitluk Silver
Page 14 – A Visit to Knyszyn by Deanna Jacobson
Page 16 – Testimony, Part II: The Ghetto by Sally Pitluk
Page 19 – Faces and Names by Russell J. Handelman
Page 20 – A Meeting in the Cemetery in Łódź by K.G. Anderson
P h o t o b y H u B a r , 2 0 0 6 , https:// creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en
Page 22 – Testimony, Part III: Auschwitz by Sally Pitluk
Page 30 – My Father and the Holocaust by Mark Herrup
Page 32 – The Holocaust in Comics During World War II by James Bacon
Page 40 – Choosing to Testify by Steve Davidson
Page 43 – V for Vengeance by James Bacon
Page 47 – Holocaust on Film by Daniel M. Kimmel
Page 48 – Guarding the Streets of Gold by Susan Shwartz
Page 49 – The Holocaust in Comics: After the War by James Bacon
Page 55 – The Holocaust on Television by Barbara Barnett
Page 58 – A Trickle of History A Child of a Holocaust Survivor Writes a Holocaust Science Fiction Tale by Elaine Midcoh
Page 59 – Severed Inheritance by Jordan King-Lacroix
Page 60 – My Most Memorable Meal by Steven H Silver
Page 61 – My Reflections on My Visit To Auschwitz in November 2007 by Elaine Silver
Photo by James Bacon
Page 62 – Maus: A Journey by James Bacon
Page 65 – The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center: A Docent Eye’s View by Dina S. Krause
Page 66 – Popping My Bubble by Melanie Silver
Page 67 – Kaddish for the Last Survivor by Michael A. Burstein
Page 72 – Enditorial: James Bacon
Page 73 – Editorial: Chris Garcia
Page 74 – Contributor Bios
Page 76 – Grouch0 Marx Dances on Hitler’s Grave
Art by Kurt Erichsen

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