How To Take Advantage of Amazing Stories

There’s lot of ways YOU can use us – and we invite you to do so.

First and foremost – sign up with the site.  No resale of your personal information to third parties (not that we ask for anything beyond a name and an email address).

Then, like our Facebook page.  (You can of course reverse the sequence)  You can find that here.

Those two things sound like something you are doing for us, but in the long run you are actually doing it for yourself and our genre-loving community;  the more folks we have on board – the higher our internet profile – the quicker we’ll be able to start buying fiction.  That you’ll get – for free – right here on the site!

If you are a writer, artist, editor, collector, fan, con-runner or otherwise engaged in the community – think about blogging for us.  We offer a good many promotional opportunities and, if you ask, I think our current bloggers will tell you that it’s been a lot of fun.

Speaking of authors:

If you are interested in advertising your work to a dedicated audience that claims to like the kind of stuff you are writing, we offer a very inexpensive advertising program here.  You can read the details here.

Don’t want to advertise but still want to promote?

We’re now accepting excerpts from recently released and soon-to-be released longer works.  We’ll link to your publisher, your website and to purchasing opportunities.  You can check out our first Futurescope excerpt offering right here


you might consider making your recent works available for review – we’re building a whole new review team.  If you have something for review, you can send it along to our reviews editor Ricky L. Brown

Got an event?  A reading?  Starting something new?  Why not send it along for inclusion in our weekly news round-up – AMAZING News.  It runs every Sunday and we’ll reprint newsletters and press releases in full.  (If your news is time-sensitive, we’ll go ahead and run a special release.)

We’re also open to suggestions and welcome the opportunity to work with anyone who loves science fiction, fantasy and horror in all of its many guises.

Come on in – the water is fine.  (After hours and when the rent-a-cops are asleep, it’s clothing optional….)

Please take a moment to support Amazing Stories with a one-time or recurring donation via Patreon. We rely on donations to keep the site going, and we need your financial support to continue quality coverage of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres as well as supply free stories weekly for your reading pleasure.

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