AMAZING STORIES Creating New Website & Sub Domains.

As part of our expansion into regular publication of the magazine, URLs for the website are changing.  Members and Subscribers are urged to update their bookmarks accordingly.

These changes will be taking place over the next couple of weeks (latter half of September 2018) and have not all been finalized at the time of this post.

The current website – is being split into two separate domains.

Two sub-domains are being established as well.

This may be a little confusing since has been re-directing visitors to (the original website) and many may not have been aware of this fact, simply typing “” into their browser’s address bar.

Here’s the breakdown and explanation:

The original website, and the one that all visitors have been directed to since December of 2012 has been “”.  This name was chosen since “” was unavailable at the time of registration.

The “” url was eventually purchased and registered.  It was then set up to redirect to “, the site you have all been visiting since 2012.

In order to keep things more focused and clearcut, it was determined that two sites needed to be established:  one for the existing website and one for the magazine itself.

Moving forward, the multi-author blog that has existed since 2012 will be reached by going to “” and the separate website for the quarterly magazine itself will be reached by going to “”

It was further determined that Submission functions (submissions to the magazine, such as stories or art) and all retail/sales functions should be conducted through their own sub-domains.

The URL for submissions will remain “” and the URL for the store (where subscriptions, single issues and other items can be purchased) will be “”.

There will be a menu tab for the store on the magazine website as well, and menu tabs for switching between sites.

To summarize and review:

Multi-author blog with daily content –
Quarterly magazine with new fiction and art –
Subscribing to the quarterly magazine –
Submitting to the quarterly magazine –

Finally, please note:
Membership registration (user name and password) will be the same for both and This includes the store.  However, it does NOT include registration for submissions to the magazine.

Magazine submissions (fiction, art) uses an entirely separate registration process.  Even if you are already registered with either website, you must separately register on the Submissions site.

To summarize and review:

A registered member of the website(s) will have a website registration
A registered submitter will have a submissions registration

Someone who is BOTH a registered member of the website(s) AND a registered submitter will have BOTH a website registration AND a submitter registration.

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