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wwe headerToday, WorldsWithoutEnd.com, a unique blog/website/review site that does some very interesting and valuable stuff.

Once on WWE you’ll be overwhelmed by the content just looking at their top menu:  Books:Authors:Publishers:Resources and more.

Perhaps the most unique and coolest aspect of WWE is the ways in which they’ve organized their materials.  Diving into BOOKS, you’ll find information and reviews organized by award, by author, by reading lists (more about that in a second);  clicking on one of the options you’ll be presented with a very nicely organized and visually attractive visual display.  Taking the Hugo Awards as an example, the display beings with the current year, showing an image of each nominated novel’s cover.

Superimposed over those covers are little tags with numbers in them – which tell you how many lists the work is included in AND how many curated reviews are available to read.

Insofar as novels go, this is an invaluable aide to those looking for particular kinds of works or to gain some insight into how well received a particular novel was or even how their own impressions stack up against the reviewers.

The AUTHORS tab arranges authors in the same manner – by lists, by interviews, etc.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of WWE are it’s Reading Lists.  Organized by awards and by special subject breakouts – Women Authors, Authors of Color, for example, a one-stop shop to help you get up to speed, especially if you’re working through the genre based on a particular theme.


wwelistsBut not only does WWE compile these lists, and compiles reviews, they also cross-reference everything (pick a particular novel and you’ll find out what awards it has won, what other lists it is included in) AND they provide an excerpt from each and everyone of the works.

WWE has a blog and a forum as well, both of which tie into the main site very nicely.

Worlds Without End is well worth a visit and well worth a join (FREE) for the vast majority of fans.

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