Novedades de Marzo 1

New releases – “End – Anthology of Ibero-American Eschatological Stories” from the University of Valladolid; in periodicals the free to read Moulin Noir Omnibus; on Gemir Garcia channel International Horror Literature Festival of Virginia and Publisher Zeta Centuria Editores calls interested partiesto participate in the collection “Anthologies of anthology”,


Wow! weirdness and light this week in the news: plastic army women, Einstein up-ended, bra makers made spacesuits and if that isn’t weird enough, Cthulhu is picking a fight with Stephen King! Read on!


Today’s absolutely cool website is Rob Hansen’s Fan Stuff – UK & general fannish history – in depth!

Top Post de Octubre en Amazing Stories

Libros Hubo muchas reseñas de libros el mes pasado. Gary Dalkin reseña la colección de 10 historias Feast and Famine: Book Review – Feast and Famine by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Steve Fahnestalk nos recomienda el libro The Heavens Rise de Christopher Rice (el hijo de Anne Rice, para más detalles) en Book Review — A Spooky […]

How Not To Host A Website -or- The Further Adventures Of A Twentieth Centure Computer Illiterate In the Twenty-First Century

As late as twenty years ago a fanzine panel at a VCON would draw thirty to forty fen, all curious, many enthusiastic, all appreciative of any sprightly and hilarious tales to be told springing from fanac lore, tradition, and experience. But now…
I stopped participating in convention panels promoting fanzine fandom when the four panelists on the panel outnumbered the audience four-to-one…

The Club House

Earl Terry Kemp revives an old Amazing Stories and fannish tradition, The Club House. Fannish news from across the fan-o-sphere!