Friday Fanzine: Fadeaway by Robert Jennings

This week, a bit of sercon (serious content) with a somewhat focus on comics and authors of proto or ‘Ur’ science fiction.

It won’t surprise long-time fanzine fans to discover that there was (and still is) a heck of a lot of well-researched, well-considered and well-written scholarly discourse taking placing between the twill tone pages.  Fadeaway #39 is no exception.

Fadeaway’s editor and publisher, Robert Jennings, apparently prefers his work to speak for itself, having little to say regarding personal biographies, other than:

I’ve been around science fiction fandom since the late 1950s; I was one of the original founders of comics fandom in the early 60s (info about all that in Bill Shelley’s book about the earliest days of comics fandom if you are interested (Founders of Comics Fandom).  I was one of the founders and the first OE for SFPA (the Southern Fandom Press Alliance, to which I still belong), produced fanzines for years, owned a science fiction/comics/game store in Worcester, MA for twenty-two+ years that was the largest store of its kind in the New England area.  Closed the retail store in 2000 to do strictly mail order selling, which is what I do today when I’m not producing fanzines or writing articles.

Want to know what a fanzine produced by one of the founders of comics fandom looks like? Read on!


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