Novedades de Noviembre y Diciembre en Hispanoamérica

New books from Caterina Fernandez Hinojosa, José Luis Zárate, Carlos Enrique Saldivar, The Conspiracy of the Fuleros, Marco Antonio Yauri, Daína Chaviano, Poldark Mego, interviews with Daniel Salvo and José Güich, new magazine issues, films and television series

Novedades de enero

Bolivian anthology series Supernova releases the third edition, Editorial Cthulhu has published his third anthology: “HORROR QUEER, Rosarium Publisher announces 2018 plans; magazines, events and more

JO PHAN’S READS: This Week In Fanzines

Askew 22; The Reluctant Famulus 120; Rubber Crab 8; Journey Planet 36; iOTA 13, N3F December; Claims Department Zodiac 22; Nice Distinctions 32; The Revenge of Hump Day 20 & 27 December, Opuntial archives.

JO PHAN’S READS: This Week in Fanzines

18 December 2017 Added John Thiel’s Surprising Stories January 2018 18 December 2017 Added Opuntia #400, archive issues 47.1A, 47.5, 48, 48.1B, 48.5A, and the cumulative subject index to Opuntia, edited by Dale Speirs 18 December 2017 Added NFFF’s Tightbeam #281 18 December 2017 Added Felicity Walker’s BCSFAzine #525 18 December 2017 Added Tim Bolgeo’s The Revenge of Hump Day, 13 […]