David Drake

Review: Crisis of Empire

Crisis of Empire (David Drake, Thomas T. Thomas, W.C. Dietz, Roger MacBride Allen and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.) -An Honorable Defence -Cluster Command -The War Machine -Crown of Empire Somewhat irritatingly, I was pointed to this series shortly after I first wrote The Empire’s Corps. It consists of four short novels set in the universe of […]

Introduction to SFF – 1 – The Mysterious Ms X

In the 1970s, we lived in Vienna for five wonderful years. I loved it, but all my experiences fall into one mental time frame, and I have trouble remembering what came first. So, I know that I was reading whatever was on my parents’ shelves, including a lot of Gogol, Dickens, and, for reasons known […]

Book Review: Hope Reborn by S.M. Stirling and David Drake

Hope Reborn by S.M Stirling and David Drake Baen Books 2013 978-1-4516-3877-6 (Trade paperback) Military science fiction is a subgenre of science fiction that has long been the mainstay of Baen Books. True, Ace has Starship Troopers and DAW has Armor and St. Martin’s Griffin has The Forever War, but Baen has long since championed […]